Lets Just Get Right To It!

13 03 2008

Hey, all! You might know me as the personal trainer that spends way too much time on Kath’s site, or perhaps you were one of the three people that looked at my old blog (don’t feel bad, it was only up for about half a second) but things have calmed down a bit so here I am again. Think of me as your very own online personal trainer. Which is good for you, because I am free, and good for me, because I don’t have to wipe up your sweat after you leave.

 So, first thing is first. Let’s all just behold the glory that are my new Puma Complete shoes.


I have found that the only shoes I can comfortably workout in are Puma’s. I have pretty wide feet which cuts out a lot of options and New Balance’s rub the back of my ankle pretty bad. Plus, I like how they look, which is important, right?

 I am aware they are a little dirty already, but that is because blindingly white shoes really bother me. So I scuff them up a bit immediately.

So my new shoes and I had a long day at work. Started at 5:30 am and finished at 2:00pm. I only had about 5 sessions today but I am completely in charge of a big 3 part nutritional seminar our facility is putting on in May. It would be fine if it was just clients, because I know them all and could just throw cupcakes at them and while preaching about trans fat and call it a success, but its going to be open to the public. And they are going to pay money to come, so if it sucks, they will probably throw things at me. Heavy things.

Here’s where you guys can help me out. I have the three sections planned: Decoding nutrition labels (whats the difference between reduced fat and low fat, recommended daily values, etc.) Busting nutrition myths (no eating at night because it turns to fat *what a crock*, crash diets, low carb diets, etc) and then how to eat healthy on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule. I think the last one will be the most fun because its practical things and I can share my hints for eating out, meal prep, etc. What would you guys like to see if you paid money for a nutritional seminar? And what are some good interactive things I can do? Please do my work for me.

After work, I was off to the gym. 20 minutes on the eliptical (I cut it 10 min short because the stupid fan was pointed on me and my hair kept getting caught in my eye) followed by stretching, abs, some dumbell rows, tricep kickbacks, one legged squats with dumbells, back extensions, and core holds. Then I wandered around Target for about 40 minutes since its right next door and I can’t be trusted with money.

Yesterday’s steps: 12,365

I wear a pedometer everyday. I aim for 12,000 steps on gym days and 15000 on non-gym days. I almost always hit it or go over. Its a great way to just make sure Im moving enough.

Ask some questions. What do you guys want to know?

Im off to make some dinner and take a bath.

Do 25 crunches. Right now.




15 responses

14 03 2008

Hello! I’ll ask the first question…

I’m a college student, and a very busy one at that. Besides classes, I work part time and have an internship for a total of 20 work hours a week. Moral of the story is, I have a really hard time getting to the gym! When I do have time a couple days a week, I am usually so pooped out that I have no motivation to go. I walk all over the place and my job requires lots of cleaning. I have been wearing a pedometer and found that I usually have, on average, 10,000 steps a day.

All of that being said, I want to lose 20-30 pounds that have crept on since my knee injury senior year of high school and during the first couple years of college. I have been maintaining fine for the past year. In the past year, I have transformed my eating habits by eating mostly whole foods and trying to get about 1300-1500 calories a day (not going to the gym).

I should also mention that I have been diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism, but would really like to work around this without medication.

Any advice for me? I know the simple answer…get to the gym. But specifics on motivation, getting started, etc. would be awesome!


14 03 2008

hey Kelsey-
Yay! Firsties!
Well first of all, congrats on getting that many steps to begin with. Most people dont. I have trouble getting to the gym too, suprisingly enough. mine is pretty far away so i only go to shake up my routine a bit or if the weather is nasty so i can use the cardio machine inside. So what i did was stock up mky house with some fitness equitpment. So, I would say start small. make it a rule to get 12,000 steps a day (to lose weight you must bump it up higher than where you are to burn those extra cals) and then just do some exercises at home. You really can get just as a good of a workout at home with your body weight as resistance and maybe a few bands, dumbells, and/or a stabilty ball. If your knee still gives you problems, i recommend using the stability ball as much as possible.
The hypothyroid issue shouldnt matter much, just as long as you watch your cals. If you are maintaining now, you just need to start burning more and keep your food the same. I wouldnt drop below 1300 so up your cardio.
Getting fit is about making your workout work around your schedule, not the other way around, or else you will burn out fast. If you still dont have time to do a full workout after work, split it up. one set of lunges while you are waiting for the microwave, calf raises while you are blowdrying your hair, etc. Start by writing down all the exercises and sets you want to do and cross them off as you do them throughout the day. Eventually you will be able to do this without the list once you get used to it.
Or maybe you could find something new you havent done. gyms get boring. maybe yoga? running? kickboxing? I have an elementary school across the street from my house, sometimes i work out on the playground equipment (monkeybars, anyone?) Just keep it fun and you will make time for it!

14 03 2008


Hey, I lost another pound today, yay me! I’ve only got 9 more to go. WHEEEE.

See? It is possible to lose weight and drink like a writer if you want it bad enough.

14 03 2008

Good for you!

You are an inspiration to pickled livers everywhere!

14 03 2008

I didn’t do my crunches. 😦

15 03 2008

My biggest question would have to be what to eat before/after a workout. If I am going for a run, I can not eat before. I find if I do I feel sick to my stomach the whole time. After a run I come home and have a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana. When I go to the gym for a class or to lift weights I have something small as I don’t get home till much later and I would be starving by then! I like the Kids Clif bars as they are smaller and not too heavy. Or I will have an apple or some yogurt. Then I come home and am not sure what I should eat. If I have been lifting weights do I want more protein than if I just did cardio? What if I go to a later class and have had my normal oatmeal breakfast – do I have to eat after working out? I don’t like to if I am not hungry.
I should mention that I do workout at least 5 days a week. I am quite fit but would love to lose 5 pounds (I know, it is that whole stupid scale issue!). I did just have my body fat taken and I am at 18%. I am 5’5″ and weigh 130 pounds.
This site looks great by the way! I’m looking forward to all your advice and tips!

15 03 2008

Don’t stress yourself out so much. The way I look at it, is make sure you eat about every 4-5 hours, no matter when you work out. The only exception to this is if you work out first thing when you wake up. If you do, try and eat a tiny something even though you get nauseus, or even just have some coffee with milk, anything with calories, to kick start your metabolism. Work out, come home and have a well balanced meal that contains some protien. Food is fuel, so if you aren’t hungry, don’t worry about it. Just make sure you are getting your calories in and all your food groups.
As for protien, we have a big misconception out there. Most people eat more protien than they need to in a day. Protien rebuilds muscle tissue. When there is too much, it turns to fat. Make sure you are getting your protien requirments (based on your weight, you need 47 grams a day). Unless you are completely shredding your muscles with really high intensity lifting, don’t go above that, especially since you are trying to lose weight. And make sure, if you find youare not getting enough protien, get it from low- or non-fat sources, like lean meats or dairy products. Red meat has a lot of fat in it and supplements do not offer the extra nutrients that whole foods do.

15 03 2008

yay!!! love the new blog!!! more distraction from work!! horray!

no ???s right now, but i’m sure i’ll have some soon!

16 03 2008

Hi. I work out with a great program called operation boot camp (operationbootcamp.com), which is currently running in knoxville and atlanta. The program also has a nutrition element, and we follow the Body For Life theories.

I love reading food and work out blogs. I dont have any specific questions, but I am currently trying to shed my last stubborn belly fat. This seems to be the place I keep my weight. I have a very strong core and can do a lot of high intensity core moves, but have a little belly nonetheless. Any suggestions?

17 03 2008

To make a long story short, I have a kidney transplant and was ill from one of my medications, so ill that my body wasn’t absorbing food and I lost 30 pounds through nausea/vomiting/diarrhea. I am well now, they changed medications. I needed to lose weight and I am happy with the weight loss but of course I did it the wrong way. Now I am trying to maintain this weight loss! I want to get some exercise and have started going to the gym. What should I focus on, building muscle through weight lifting? Should I go for the calorie burn of cardio? If I do both, any suggestions on how much of each how many times per week? I am just getting back at it after being laid up for months…

17 03 2008

Suzanna- you must definately need to both. You will need muscle AND cardio to burn extra calories to maintain the loss. The guidlines for someone maintaining a significant weight loss is they must do 1 1/2 hours moderate intensity cardio most days of the week, as opposed to adults that need to lose weight, in where the recommendation is 1 hour, and strength training most days with no more than 2 days in between. People maintaining a weightloss need to work harder than those losing to keep the weight off.

17 03 2008


18 03 2008

Hi Kelly, really nice site! 🙂 I was wondering re: your pedometer, do you take it off when you get home, or continue to wear it? I’m just wondering whether “at-home” steps count or whether the pedometer miscalculates so much (such as measuring when you sit up and down, etc.) Thanks a lot!

20 03 2008

What kind of Puma Complete are they ?

20 03 2008

Adeline- i wear it constantly. id wear it in the shower if it were waterproof. Its kind of like a game to me, weird I know. It doesnt miss count too much. but if it does, its ok, because i get a high enough number of steps to offset it.

Bev- here’s the link: http://store.puma.com/pumaUSStore/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=PumaUS&category%5Fname=WomensFootwear&product%5Fid=18212004&productType=Footwear&mainCategory=Women&shopBy=style&siteid=1

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