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14 03 2008

If I could recommend one piece of home workout equiptment, it would be the BOSU. 



Bosus are like the top quart of a stability ball with a flat plastic base. Their function is to provide a consistantly unstable surface for you to work on so your core and whatever muscle group you are working is constantly engaged.  So not only can you do the same exercises you would on a stability ball, but you can also stand on it to do squats, lunges, plyometrics, holds, or you can stand on it while doing upper body exercises, too.  You can also flip it over, and use the black flat side to hold onto for pushups, burpees (aka. squat thrusts) or mountain climbers.

They are about $90, which is kind of pricey, but its uses are unlimited.  They have a lot of them on ebay, so you could probably find on for cheaper. And while you are there, you can also pick up your very own velvet jesus portrait.  Oh, how I love the ebay.

 No gym today.  Its the boy and I’s anniversaryso we are soon taking Seattle by storm.  And by that, I mean going to an all you can eat Japanese buffet, drinking our weight in sake (which by the 4th bottle is pronounce sock-AYYY!) and wandering downtown trying not to step on degenerates or their urine.  Romantic.

So in preparation for the night, I adjusted my cals accordingly, but still remainede balanced.

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1 organic cliff bar

Snack: 1 light yogurt with 1 packet Bear Naked granola

Lunch: Subway 6 inch turkey on wheat with veggies, no mayo or oil, diet coke

Dinner: TBA but I know it will involve sushi, crab legs and tempura. And sake.

Yesterday’s steps: 11089. My pedometer fell off around 7 which I didnt notice until later, so I’m sure I hit 12,000.

Happy Friday. Do something fun. Kiala, do your crunches.




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15 03 2008

I would love to get one of those Bosus! I have seen them in gyms before but I always feel silly trying things i’m not familiar with but it makes perfect sense how good it would work. I might have a look on ebay for one! Hope you had a fun night with your man.. I went to a Japanese restaurant last weekend.. very tasty!!

15 03 2008

Happy anniversary. Nice looking blog!

15 03 2008

Haha, love the title of this post.

What kind of pedometer do you recommend? I would love something reliable (of course) yet inconspicuous.

15 03 2008

kind of found your blog from Kath’s blog! Am a lurker there :D. I love the BOSU too! Its great for balance workout..which I completely suck at!
Do you have any recommendations for a pilates video? I want to get a couple for my mom who really doesnt have the time or the schedule to go to a gym!

15 03 2008

Honestly, i just get whatever is cheapest at target, lol. I go through them pretty qickly, mainly because i drop them in the toilet when they fall off my pants, or it falls off and i kick it, etc. so i wouldnt recommend spending a lot of money on one. As for one you can hide well under clothes, i just found my favorite one. Its from sportline and its the flattest one I have seen, plus it has a little cover on it that pops down so you dont accidentally press the restart button. I will try and find mine and post the link in my next post.

Directions-All lurkers are welcome! I am a big lurker, too. My fave bosu work to do with clients for balance is the stand on the bosu, hold a small stability ball out in front of them and i stand in front and push and smack the stability ball from all sides to try and knock them off, its a great core workout and people tend to think its fun. except for one women who told me we cant do that one again because it made her want to punch me in the face. I appreciate her honesty.
as for pilates videos, since she is short on time i would recommend one with different chapters or different workouts on it so she can just do a short one here or there. I dont really have a specific video in mind anymore. Can we call them videos now even though everything is on DVD?

15 03 2008

Thanks, trainer. I’ll try to look up the Sportline one so I can have an idea of what it looks like.

Directions: if your mother is a beginner/intermediate in Pilates, I recommend Ellen Barrett’s DVDs. If she is advanced, I recommend “More than Mat Pilates-Advanced” and Hilary Burnett’s advanced Pilates DVD. I’ve been doing Pilates DVDs for about three/four years now and love it!

15 03 2008

Hi! I’m another lurker/infrequent commenter on Kath’s blog. My question: Do you think it’s worth the money to buy a heart rate monitor?

I’m a grad student (in Seattle!) so money is a little tight; if it’s worthwhile to get one, should I save up for a nice Polar or will any monitor do?

Happy anniversary!

15 03 2008

yay, Seattle. What school do you go to?

I personally, dont use heart rate monitors. Im not big on exact figures and numbers, i think it takes away from the workout and causes it to become more of a pain or punishment than something to be enjoyed for yourself. plus, after my years of counting every calorie and calculating everything in and everything, I learned that with my personality i need to just enjoy it for what it is. However, i am also not trying to lose weight, and I know heart rate monitors can be great tools when losing weight. So here are some articles i found, and you can decide what to do from there:
Top 10 Heart Rate Monitors Under $100:
and What to Know Before Buying a HR Monitor:

15 03 2008

Ha – I read your comment about liking to have your clients stand on the bosu holding a ball and trying to knock them off. My trainer enjoys doing things like that as well! Just yesterday he had me doing planks on foam rollers and he was pushing/kicking them as I held my planks. Oh you fun trainers. 🙂

15 03 2008

Oh by the way – YAY for your blog being back! I was sad when your old one went away… I checked the link for days hoping it would come back… it didn’t. I almost cried.

15 03 2008

Chandra- welcome back! Does your trainer miss count a lot too? Thats a running joke among trainers- us not knowing how to count and in the end making you do 4 or 5 more reps than we orginally told you you had to do, and hope the client doesn’t notice, lol.

15 03 2008

Hi. I’m thrilled you have a blog. I am the most unathletic person ever. I’m also very curvy/pear shaped, trying to tone up the bottom half, hips, stomach, etc. Any tips on workouts? I really appreciate your help. I’m trying to drop 20 lbs. I have lost 12 lbs already in the last 2 months. Also want to tone arms but not get bulky. Will things like spinning, elliptical be good or bad. Thanks so much!

16 03 2008

Hello Miss Kelly,
I got here through Kath’s blog-website is looking great…also, thanks for the Seattle pics. I miss Seattle 😦

Since you offered to answer questions-what are your thoughts on overhead pressing exercises? Necessary or can I omit them considering I do a good amount of push-ups (weighted, on bench, decline, whatever…) and dumbbell chest presses?
Thank you!

16 03 2008

sock-AAAYYYY = hilarious! 😀
Hope you had fun!

16 03 2008

Kelly, thanks for the thoughts on heart rate monitors. I’ll keep working out like normal and maybe I’ll ask for one for my birthday someday.

I’m at UW. Hopefully after graduation next summer I’ll be able to hire a personal trainer, until then I hope you keep posting. 🙂

16 03 2008

treblemaker- I’ll answer your question tomorrow in my FAQ page. Congrats on the weight loss!

Susa-overhead presses are a full body workout, it thats what you are thinking. lifting a bar from the ground, lifting it to your chest as you squat and then jerking it over head while you stand. These are great full body workouts and a lit easier than they look. Shoulder presses, where you are just pressing a machine or some dumbells from your shoulders straight up and down, is also good, but only works the shoulders, more specifically the anterior deltoids which are the front of the shoulder. Push ups work more of the chest, and the lats, same with chest presses. For a more well rounded workout and a more balanced muscle tone, i would say do shoulder presses, but i would not say they worka major muscle group that needs constant attention. try doing shoulder presses while you do walking lunges so you are working a major muscle group along with those.

Liz- yay UW! do you live in campus? I have a ton of friends that go there and I am always wandering the Ave.

16 03 2008

YES!! He ALWAYS counts wrong! I used to call him out on it all the time, but anymore I just don’t care, a little more won’t hurt me I guess. 🙂

17 03 2008

No, I’m off campus. I don’t spend as much time on the Ave as I did my first year (you have to love those morning drinking sessions after you finish your first round of finals). But since the law school is really close to the Ave, that tends to be where we all hang out during the week.

19 03 2008

I totally agree! I LOVE my Bosu!!!!!

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