I like saying “deformation”

18 03 2008

Carrie also had a good question:

Hi Kelly, what do you mean by flexibility? What exercises improve flexibility?

There should be 3 focal points for a workout; cardiovascular endurance (cardio), strength training, either with weights or without, and flexibility. There are two different types of felxibilty- dynamic (ballistic) and static.
Ballistic stretching/flexibilty is mainly reserved for people whos goals are increased performance, either in a sport or just for personal growth. It entails elongating the muscle before it is contracted, which offers a greater contraction. plyometrics are a perfect example: if you jump up onto a box and hold a squat, you strecth that muscle as you prepare to jump, then it contracts to make you jump and then strecthes again as you hold the squat pose. This is more advanced training as the stretching and contracting of the muscles, if the muscle is not strong enough, can cause instability which may lead to injury (either by falling or pulling a muscle)
Static strecthing is the kind most people know and it is just regular ol’ “hold this pose” strecthing. When the muscle is elongated forcefully (but not “bounced”, just held) for 10-30 seconds, the muscle and all the tendons and connective tissue will permanently deform to increase your flexibilty. You should stretch every time you work out but after you warm up. Stretching before you warm up has a cold taffy effect: it snaps. Increased flexibilty will decrease the occurs on soreness, protect you from injury, improve performance and quality of life, and when done at the end of a workout can “trick” your mind into not being so tired afterwards since you had a nice relaxing cool down.
I usually warm up on a cardio machine for 5-10 minutes, go do a long stretching session (hammies, calves, quads, glutes, arms, shoulders) then lift weights, finish up with more cardio and then a quick stretch of the hams to wrap it up as they are always tight for me.

I’ll get a proper post in tonight with my detailed at home workout. And the FAQ’s I promise.




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18 03 2008

Thank you so much for that explaination. Can’t wait to see your at-home workout since that is all I am able to do!!

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