Laziness is the Mother of Invention

20 03 2008

Just a reminder that trainers aren’t perfect when it comes to fitness: I CANNOT do the stairstepper. I always trip. Its one of those revolving ones and i always miss judge and clip my toes.  And you better believe people notice. Its hard for them not to because the machines are about 8 feet tall so Im up on this pedestal, stumbling away. I still do it though. I must be a glutton for public humiliation.

So i did 20 minutes on the stair thing at the gym today,  stretched then did a ton of abs and a lot of arm work with free weights. Then I went on the elliptical for about 10 minutes, some stability ball work and then went home.

So I know everyone is on this oatmeal kick (thanks Kath!) and it just so happens I need to restock my breakfast supply, so here’s my spin.

 I wake up every morning at 4:15 am.  Suffice it to say, I’m rarely in the mood, or have the time, to cook breakfast. The breakfast is even too much work for me. Oatmeal holds me over glamorously, so I needed a way to get it in unless I want lunch at 9:00 am.  I love oatmeal cookies, so i thought I’d spin that ion to something portable I could have for breakfast.

Its nothing fancy, i just make oatmeal like I normally would,  then bake it on a cookie sheet.

I use:

  • 2 cups oats
  • 1 large banana
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp honey

You can use anything really: apples, cinnamon, any kind of nuts, etc. I put everything in a bowl and pour boiling water from the kettle over it until it looks like enough. Sorry, i cant be more specific than that. You want the resulting oatmeal pretty dry, but still able to stay together when you mix it all up.



Then you just plop them onto a baking sheet, and put them in the oven for 30ish minutes at 350 degrees. You can fit a lot on a plan because the size they are when you put them in is the same size as they are when they come out.


And then the finished product:


You can just put them in a tupperware and eat them as you want them.

And just for fun, here’s a video of my dog, Porkchop, attacking my stability ball.  His arms do this weird T-Rex thing that gets me every time. Video featuring The Boyfriend’s Feet.




18 responses

20 03 2008

Your pictures take forever to load….wonder why??

20 03 2008

Wow, what a genius idea! I’m so intrigued– I am constantly in a rush to get to class, so I’m copying this down to try soon.

And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to do the stair stepper! I tried it once, about a year ago, and just couldn’t get the hang of it!

20 03 2008

I know! I was wondering if it was just in my view or if it happened to you guys too. The BF just fiddled with the resolution and size so hopefull it will be faster from here on out.

20 03 2008

I’m so excited to see this blog! This one combined with Kath’s is an excellent combination.

I just wanted to mention that another great “take with” oatmeal option is muesli. There are a lot of different recipes, but basically it’s just oats, yogurt, apple juice, dried fruits, and nuts mixed together and let to sit until the oats absorb the moisture. You can make several servings at once and keep it in the fridge. It’s perfect for warmer weather, too, since it’s eaten cold.

I love the stepmill at the gym! It’s a great workout that doesn’t hurt my knees, which is a big plus!

20 03 2008

THANKS for the “cookie” instructions!!! I’m going to have to try these soon 🙂


20 03 2008

Hey! I have a question about running…I normally wait about an hour or so to run after I eat or drink a lot of water, however, I always seem to have to burp ALOT causing my breathing to get alittle messed up. Maybe i’m just a gassy person that burps but it’s so annoying and I feel bloated all the time! any ideas/suggestions?

thanks 🙂 love the new blog!

20 03 2008

What a good oatmeal idea!

I’m glad to hear someone else does this on the stair thing. I like it because it makes me sweaty and adds some variety to my gym work-out (and makes me feel a little like the Queen of the Gym, since I’m up so high). But, seriously, one of these days, I’m not just going to clip my toe, I’m going to miss a step and face-plant. And it’s going to be very embarrassing.

20 03 2008

Lisa- I dont really know exactly what could be causing that. If you wait an hour it seems you should be ok. How often to you burp? I hope its one giant long belch. i would love to see that.
I get an ear ache when I run outside. with or without and ipod. Its the strangest thing, and really annoying.

Bridget- I know, right? I think they make them big on purpose because they know they are so difficult to use. Im going to stake them out soon, ride a stationary bike or something, and see how many people trip. I bet its a lot. and then i will laugh at them because thats how bullies hide their insecurity.

Kath- they are pretty much the only thing i have for breakfast. just portable oatmeal. they are god with raisins or apples and cinnamon.

20 03 2008

lol love your sense of humor! who knows about the burping thing… i’m just a gassy person i guess! lol I also get ear aches when I workout too! My doc said there wasn’t much he could do for me but told me to try a nasal squirt product in one side of the nostril that the ear hurts on (mine was more of a popped feeling in my ear but I could never unpop it!) I haven’t tried it yet b/c it seems the ear thing has subsided for now! Too bad burping has taken its place 🙂

20 03 2008

Yeah, its like a popping sensation with a sharp ache.
ha, what a strange pair we are. I can picture us going for a run with you belching the alphabet and me shoot up nasal spray with a q-tip in my ear.

20 03 2008

whoa. those look amazing. and so easy!!! must make ASAP! i’m very very impressed.

20 03 2008

This sounds weird but my feet sweat when I exercise. Does this mean I am not wearing the correct shoes? I imagine runners aren’t sliping and sliding in there shoes.

20 03 2008

Can you post what exercises you do, the number of reps and the number of sets you do after all your workouts? Today I did the workout you posted the other day and it was great. I usually waste so much time trying to think about what exercises to do next and i am not good with working all the muscle groups.

20 03 2008

Lisa…I can totally relate. Everytime I run, I burp constantly. But I am also a very gassy person b/c all I eat are beans, veggies and fruits. Glad to hear I am not the only one!

20 03 2008

FYI…If you put parchment paper down on the baking sheet and then drop the cookies, it will keep the bottom of the cookies from burning while cooking.

20 03 2008

Ooohhh…I drive around all morning for my job and I’m always looking for a portable breakfast…I’m getting a little sick of almond butter sandwiches, so I shall have to make a batch of these this weekend. Thanks for the idea! Think I could make them with steel-cut oats? Also, when in tupperware, do I need to refrigerate them?

20 03 2008

Laura-I dont refridgerate them, they stay fine just in a tupper ware. I bet they would be good cold though, too.

Trish- I will try my best to post the specifics. I usually plan out what I am going to do before I go to the gym so I dont wander around and watse time. It doesn’t always work though, because sometimes its packed and I can’t do what i want when I want. But when it works, it helps.

Leah- i would imagine its more of a sock issue, but they make shoes that breathe better than others. My puma’s I have are very ventilated (i cant wear them in the rain or my socks get wet. Adidas is good for that too.

21 03 2008

where have *I* been?!
just found you and adore your blog.

off to explore more.


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