Because I Do Everything People Tell Me To

22 03 2008

A lot of people have asked me to post my food, and while I won’t do it everyday because I eat boring and this is an exercise blog, I will post it when it is relevant because nutrition is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle.

I think everyone should have a go-to meal. Something thats easy to make and they always have all the ingredients on hand, so they dont have to think too much when things get hectic. Or when you just don’t want to think. You lazies.

So here’s my dish, because I am in a huge rush and could throw this together super fast.


I started some pasta on the stove. In the mean time, I chopped up a bit of white onion, a quarter of an avacado, 1 1/2 roma tomatoes, 2 tbsp extra vrigin olive oil, some red pepper flakes, garlic salt and some basil. 


Then I just drained the pasta, tossed it with the mixture and topped it with some black pepper. I got the idea from an italian restraunt I love, where I used to order the penne insalata. Its served room temp, but unfortunately they stopped serving it so I decided to make it on my own, and added some avacado for fat for satiety. Viola. Its now my favorite and my go to meal.

Here’s my dinner next to my planner full of the crap i need to get done tonight/this weekend:


So tonight I am off to celebrate a friend’s birthday and get some nutrition seminar junk done. I was going to visit my mom in the hospital but they found some woman murdered and stuffed in her trunk in the parking lot. I know. So my mom won’t let me visit her when its dark out. My moms pretty over protective, always shielding me from murderous trunk stuffers. She never lets me do anything fun.

Today is one of those very rare days where I’m not going to have time to fit in a workout. But Im going to try and find something fun to do tomorrow for a workout so you guys don’t get bored with me. We shall see.




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22 03 2008

That pasta looks delicious! And good luck getting everything done…

22 03 2008

Wow that looks like a great meal. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I have most of those ingrediants at home… just need a tomato 🙂

22 03 2008

hi! I must admit I’m a lurker =) but i have a question for you that I’m hoping you could give me some advice!

for the past few weeks I’ve been on a bad cycle of eat LOTS of food (healthy food not crap but still too many calories for what I need) then go to the gym and burn most of the “excess” off … then the next day I will be EXTRA hungry (which I think was from the previous day’s workout) and repeat the cycle ….
one thing I’ve noticed is that the cycle began when i started jogging on the treadmill again (haven’t in 2 years because of 2 knee surgeries) BUT i do recall this unfortunate cycle when i was jogging 2 years ago too!

so from a nutritional standpoint i need to get off the roller coaster BUT I refuse to stop working out so what do you suggest? stop jogging? what else could I do? any help would be GREAT! and sorry this got to be so long!

22 03 2008

So I have a question. This may a be a stupid one but I am definitely confused. I am a hairdresser. All of us always joke about what a work out we get doing hair all day, blow drying etc. I wore my heart rate monitor (polar F6) to work yesterday for 4 hours and 45 min straight and did 4 clients back to back and according to the heart rate monitor i burned about 1300 calories in that time. My BMR is 1414. What does this mean exactly? Am i actually getting some sort of work out? Or does it not count as “exercise” unless my heart rate is at a certain point? could/does any of it count towards my daily calories out/work out? Thanks a lot Kelly! : )

22 03 2008

mmm looks so yummy!

22 03 2008

Does shopping count as exercise? Because we shopped for like four hours yesterday and walked all over the city. That counts, right?

22 03 2008

just recorded a FACETIME on tofu shirataki.

do you like this? eat it?


22 03 2008

Crissy- Its hard to answer this without knowing how much calories you are consuming when you think you overeat, how many you should be eating, how much you are running, and how many calories you are burning when you run. If you can send me that I’d be more comfortable answering your question.

Kiala- I count it. Its a lot of walking, which counts as exercise. Thats when i get a majority of my steps in for the day because Im more distracted by fitting everything in my purse allthe pretty things I can buy.

22 03 2008

Megan- im assuming this is just counting your everyday living calories. I wouldn’t count those as exercise calories because they aren’t above and beyond what you would normally be burning. They still count obviously, but i wouldnt count it as a workout. Im burning calories sitting here typing but I wouldnt consider it a workout. I dont think there is a specific heart rate to aim for to consider something as exercise, I just look at it as something active in addition to your everyday life (job, home, etc.)

22 03 2008

sorry I totally should have been more specific ….
I should be eating about 1600 cals but when I overeat its about 2400-2600 (I’m an avid calorie-counter)
Then when I go to the gym I jog about 5 miles so I just ASSUME its 500 calories even though the treadmill says way more because I always jog on a 3.5 incline but we all know how much they overestimate!
I hope that gives you a little more insight! and once again I’m STARVING today!

22 03 2008

If you are jogging 5 miles a day on most days, you should be eating around 2400 calories a day. That is a lot of running and puts you in the “active catagory” which means you should be eating over 2000 calories a day wether you are trying to lose weight or not. In order to keep from going overboard, make sure you are eating well balanced meals that include carbs, protien and fat. Fiber helps keep you full so make sure you carbs contain lots of fiber: look for whole wheat.
Your body may be hungry because you arent getting enough of these in your day. But if you eat balanced and drink lots of water, then you body probably knows it needs those calories to fuel you through your workout. Its smart, hunger is a signal that you need more fuel.

23 03 2008

funny thing is i SHOULD know that but its hard to think that i need over 2000 cals! it scares me! but I hear you and I think i just needed someone to be telling me that too! thanks so much! it’s refreshing to read a blog that isn’t about food but about fitness! keep it up!

and thank you AGAIN!

23 03 2008

How to you preserve the rest of the avocado that you do not use? I am never sure what to do with the rest. Thanks!

24 03 2008

I just stick it in a ziplock. It turns brown after a few days, but it still tastes the same, so I don’t mind. If you care about the presentation, though, you can rub lemon juice on it. Or lime. I can;t remember which one, but i dont think it matters.

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