Happy Jelly Bean Day!

23 03 2008

Just wanted to post really fast and wish everyone a happy Easter! My family isn’t too big on the holiday, but we are using it as an excuse to get my mom out of the hospital for a few hours, so we are having a ham crockpot lunch/dinner (linner? lupper?) I usually get a basket of fruit, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one this year. After how much the price of produce has gone up, I don’t blame them. I actually bought light canned strawberries yesterday because they were so cheap compared to the real ones.

I over did it on ice cream last night. I blame Chandra for her subliminal internet trickery. But I am going to go for a short run before dunch (that’s my favorite) and then hit the gym on the way back, plus a trip to the grocery store. I’ll show you guys my loot, and share my workout.

I have been asked about my work schedule, and how I eat if I get up for work at 4:15am. So here it is

  • BREAKFAST- 4:30am: approx. 300 calories
  • SNACK- 10:00am: approx. 200 calories
  • LUNCH- 3:00pm: approx. 500 calories
  • DINNER- 7:00pm: approx. 500 calories
  • SNACK: 9:00pm: approx. 200 calories

All of that is just what usually happens. Sometimes I eat more, rarely less calories and times, especially the morning ones, vary due to when I have sessions and what not.  I eat a lot of fiber so I don’t have much of a problem not eating for 5+ hours. Work gets hectic and the time flies so most of the time I don’t even notice I need to stop and eat, but I always do. I eat more by the clock than by my body because I dont know when I will have a chance next if I have 3 or 4 sessions back to back and won’t be able to take a break for a few hours.


Have fun celebrating the crucifixtion by eating your weight in marshmallow chicks! They should make marshmallow zombies because thats what happened right? A little more historically accurate?

 I’m gunna get yelled at for that. It was bound to happen eventually.




10 responses

23 03 2008

Hope your mom feels better! What’s wrong?

23 03 2008

Would you mind giving an example day? I couldn’t imagine what you eat for 200 calories at 10 am that holds you over that long. Thanks so much! Love your blog 🙂

23 03 2008

I went to Dick’s and the guy said that the one pound weights are the most popular- what in the world are people doing with one pound dumb- bells?

23 03 2008

that seems so low…youre not hungry?

now Im wanting specifics 🙂

hitting a few of mine on thursday (people always ask, huh?)

24 03 2008

Damn it now I want to go eat more ice cream!! 🙂 I swear I need to just keep it out of my apartment!!

24 03 2008

Rachel- My mom has peripheral neuropothy (nerve damage) in her arms and legs, and her liver is failing. You can probably guess what it is from. Shes in a nursing home right now because they have a great physical therapy program. After she gets out shes going to have to get some help for what is causing all of this, but her health is improving which is good.

marcy- i think i might have under estimated. I usually get around 2000 calories a day, and Im a little girl, so its alot. My mid morning snack however is usually a packet of bear naked granola, which really does hold me over very well. When i am preoccupied, like at work, i dont really get hungry and have just shove something down whenever i get a chance because my sessions are spread out all over the place.
Dicks? is that a fitness store? The Dick’s in seattle are drive up old school burger joints so i was confused. I honestly have no idea what people would do with 1 pound weights. The little old nursing home ladies even lift 3 pounders.
Chandra- me, too. I refuse to believe anyopne can eat 2/3 a cup of ice cream. its inhuman.

24 03 2008

Yes, Dick’s is a sporting good store…..I’m sure that sounded weird to you.

24 03 2008

I thought it was national.

24 03 2008

It might be, but i have never heard of it. Did you buy anything fun?

24 03 2008

Dicks! Man, whenever my friends and I would visit Washington (went to school in Northern Idaho) we would always laugh so hard at the name of the chain. Ahh..the good “old” days.
Ha. we might still laugh.

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