Tyra Banks Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

24 03 2008

Ok, ok ,ok, my estimates for my meals were low. I usually get around 2000 calories, but you also have to remember i am a little girl (5’6″, 119pounds) so that’s the perfect range for me. As someone who used to suffer from an eating disorder, I can assure you I pay very careful attention to my food and make sure I get enough. By the same token, I don’t count every calorie or restrict in any way, shape or form. I spent way to much time doing that, and refuse to be so preoccupied with my meals or eating habits anymore. I read Eatlikeme and eat a lot like cristin (crap, I forget how she spells her name) I dont count calories and I eat when i am hungry. I pay more attention to the QUALITY of my food and not the QUANTITY. This is something that took me years to do, and now I enjoy not caring so much. Life’s too short, eat to live, don’t live to eat. Lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, limit saturated fats, sugars and hydrogentaed oils. Eat enough but not too much. These are the guidelines I make sure I follow.

So anyways, Easter was fine. I had some ham, steamed brocolli, cauliflower, carrots and potatoes, and a roll. It was nice to see my mom home, hopefully she will be back with my dad on Tuesday.

I went to the gym and it was deserted, which I prefer. I did 20 minutes on the eliptical, then a lot of upper body free weights. Tomorrow I’m going to post some of my favorite upper body moves with pictures, so I will hold off on explaining them today.

After that I went grocery shopping, and picked up some groceries.


  • Kale
  • avacado
  • 6 cheese sticks
  • bananas
  • 2 Luna bars
  • 1 Cliff bar
  • 2 Knudsen’s cottage cheese with fruit mix ins (they have a lot of sugar but I don’t eat much sugar so I get them every once in a while)
  • Fat free cream cheese
  • oranges
  • tofu
  • sugar free hot cocoa
  • blackberry preserves
  • 6 fat free yogurts
  • box of 9 Balance bars
  • fat free milk
  • banana chips
  • Kashi TLC cookies
  • whole wheat mini bagels

Grand Total: $36.94

I also got some crap for the boy (frozen pizzas, mac and cheese, some Arizona green tea) but i figured that wasnt even worth photographing. So these groceries cost even less than that.

I’m probably the cheapest person you will ever meet, so I’m the greatest grocery shopper ever. I have about 3 stores I go to, 2 of them discount, the other Safeway for things like yogurt and milk. It takes more effort but saves loads of money, which really adds up. If something is on my list, and its too expensive, I don’t get it. Simple as that.

Finds of the Day

Kashi TLC Happy Trail Mix Cookies: $2.00


Box of 9 Organic Balance Bars: $3.00


I am off to soak in the tub and read my new Fitness magazine. I like Fitness, too, in addition to Muscle and Fitness Hers. They do a little to much on makeup and clothes, but their workouts are pretty good. Back to exercise tomorrow, I feel like I’ve been spending too much time on food lately.

Man, I didn’t even get a Cadbury egg this year. I think this is the first year I haven’t had one.




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24 03 2008
Tina R.

Hi Kelly,

I really like your blog so far. I’m looking forward to your postings of upper-body workouts tomorrow because I need some new moves to add to my routine!

24 03 2008

A lot of exercises say to keep back from arching and rounding, for example, one arm dumbbell rows. I never can do that- meaning I know my back is always rounding. Any tips, tricks to keep a straight back? I do it at home. So I am working with a card-table type chair. Thanks!

24 03 2008

i have NEVER EVER seen balance bars that low! I’m a cheap-o shopper too and I go to like 3 or 4 stores and it drives my mom bananas hahaha i def wanna see some of your upper body moves, i’ve been doing the same routine for 2 months now and i think its getting old

oh and btw today I ate 2000 cals, ran 3 miles and did not feel an ounce of guilt! I swear i just needed someone to tell me it’s ok haha thanks!

24 03 2008

Lindsey- you need to keep your core tight. Think about your pelvis as a bucket full of water. You want to tilt your pelvis backwards as if you wanted to pour water out of your back. Weird i know, but thats the best way to explain it.

Crissy- Big Lots is where it is at. They are really good too, i have never tried them before.
Good! Im glad you dont feel guilty. you are very active so your body needs it.

Upper body tomorrow, I promise!

24 03 2008

I could stand to learn a lot from you about frugal shopping!
I need to be more pennypinching with my foodbill 🙂


(and my question yesterday was *so* not a criticism—-merely curiosity!)

24 03 2008

I know mizfit, I just wanted to clear everything up. I dont in anyway want to be responsible for making someone feel that they are eating too much.
and even if you have criticism, its welcome!

24 03 2008

Hi Kelly,

Love the blog! Great job on the deals you found!

I have a question about muscle soreness. I workout 3-4 times a week cardio for 30 min (combinations of high intesity aerobics, dance, kickboxing or walking/jogging) and 2 times a week strength training for 30 min. I always incorporate stretching before and after. I still get sore a lot though. Any advice on this? I know it is good to be some what sore because that means it is working, but some times I feel it is a little much. Sunday is always my rest day and sometimes Saturday too. I usually do inside workouts w/ DVDs (Denise Austin, yes she really keeps me motivated, LOL).

24 03 2008

HAHA I just read your posts from this weekend and such and I noticed your dad has similar tendencies.

“scenic route” always meant an hour out of the way and “shortcut” was even worse meaning driving in an unknown direction and eventually getting lost but refusing to stop for directions.

24 03 2008

Thanks, sorry to sound stupid. But what is your pelvis. Is that the two bones that are like vertical near the bottom of my stomach.

I never would have thought of big lots for groceries……great tip!

24 03 2008

Nice blog! I have a question. I just saw that Victoria’s Secret is marketing a new product called the Fitflop. It’s a flip flop that is supposed to engage your muscles while you walk. It’s on their website. What do you think of this?

24 03 2008

I just said the same thing, about the Cadbury egg. But it’s not too late – they’re on sale now, which also fits in with your post.

24 03 2008

Ash- stretching helps with soreness, but not very much. It mainly keeps your muscles from permanently shortening (you know those super buff guys that have the posture of a gorilla? Its because ther pecs are so tight and they dont stretch them.) Nothing will help with the soreness except lowering your intensity. Some soreness is ok, but if it starts to interfere with your everday activities, I’d say tone it down a bit.

Lindsey- yes, you pelvis is where your legs connect to your torso. Your pubic area, if you will.

26 03 2008

I hope this isn’t a too-personal question, but I was wondering– did you see a therapist to get rid of your ED? Or do an in-patient thing? Because you seem to have SUCH a healthy attitude towards food and exercise, and you seem to be able to keep a low body weight (but healthy) and exercise, but not over-exercise. I am at a point where I need to gain weight, and whenever I DO exercise, I tend to overdo it… I’m so inspired by you, but also jealous, because I know that I have a loooong road ahead of me :o/.

26 03 2008

I saw a therapist. Well, a counselor. I started out going about twice a week for an hour and half, cut back to once a week, then even less and less. I dont go anymore, but i just talked to him yesterday. Just called to check in. It was a rough road there for a while, and it took me about 3 years to be in the spot where I am now.
Try not to focus on gaining weight. try and focus more on eating right and exercising. your weight will even out on its own and you wont carry such a negative connotation with it. Its not about the weight, its about taking care of yourself.
Theres so much more to it than that but id fill up the whole blog with it. if you have further questions, feel free to email me.

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