You’re Going To Need a Permit

24 03 2008

For your guns. Ha. Sigh.

Is it just me or are there not very many fitness blogs? I can’t really find any, if you know of any, please let me know.
Good news: I found my pedometer in my car this morning. I thought i lost it while I was out on Friday (its hard to keep track of things like that at a bar when your bladder is the size of a raisin.) I had given up hope, but there it was this morning, wedged between the door.
As promised:
(I like to pretend I am English sometimes and spell things with “ou’s” or check like “cheque”)
In true me fashion, some involve other body parts as well. I also post the exercises I do, which tend to be a bit more advanced, but will offer you easier variations.
The pooch is lurking in every picture but I guess it make it more realistic as an at-home workout. i was also freezing whcih explains the scarf.
Stability Ball Dips
Works triceps, shoulders, core
Find a sturdy chair or bench. Position yourself so your hands are on the edge of the chair, and your heels are on the stability ball, toes pointing up. Keep your core tight and lower yourself towards the ground until your elbows form a 90 degree angle, then return to start.


You have to keep your core nice and tight or else the stability ball will roll out from under you. For beginners, you want to take away that instable surface, so put your feet on the floor, knees bent, but make sure your hips stay up so your body is nice and flat. For the intermediate, place your feet on another chair, legs straight.
Tricep Kickback Twists
Works triceps
* I’m using tiny 3 pound dumbbells, but I usually do these with about 8-10 lbs
Most of you probably know tricep kickbacks, but these add a little extra. Stand leaning on a sturdy surface, your core pulled in, back nice and flat. Hold a dumbell in one hand, use the other to prop yourself up. Arm should be bent at 90 degrees, elbow tucked in tight by your side.

Extend the arm, so your arm is straight; this is the typical kickback.


While your arm is extended, you want to twist the dumbell so your palm is facing down. (I didnt take a picture of this because it didn’t show up when I twisted anyway) Untwist hand back to neutral, bend arm back to starting. Next time, extend arm, but then twist so palm is facing up. These are all seperate moves so dont run them together. Extend, twist palm down, twist back to neutral, bend arm, extend, twist palm up, untwist, bend arm to starting. This is one rep. Do 10 in each side.
Prone Stability Ball Front and Lateral Raise
Works shoulders, anterior deltoids (the front part of your shoulder)
* Ditto on the dumbbells
Lay over a stability ball, feet wide apart for balance, ball on belly. Place dumbbells on floor directly under shoulders. Take your right hand and raise it directly in front of you (front raise) then bring it back to starting. Next, raise the right dumbbell out to the side (lateral raise) then back to start. Repeat with left arm. This is one rep. Do 10.



Try especially hard to not let your hips move around, or your shoulders to torque. You essentially want to be in plank position; completely static with no movement beyond your arm. For more resistance, remove stability ball.
And now featuring The Boy in:
Incline Push Ups
Works chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders
* The only way these are true incline push ups are if your feet are higher than your head. If you place your feet on a stability ball so you are perfectly horizontal, they actually end up being easier than regular pushups.
Place your feet on a chair or bench and get in push up position. Keep your core tight and and dont let your hips sag or bend in either direction, you want a nice straight body. Bend your arms and lower yourself to the ground as far as you can without having to arch your back to make sure your head doesnt hit the ground. Press back up to starting.


And there you have it. i  was going to go to the gym tonight but its so gorgeous outside, I think ill go for a run with the pooch. Maybe I’ll get a tan. Right now Im so pale it will probably just reflect off of my and start a small brush fire.




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25 03 2008

Oh my goodness…I’m going to do all of those.

Tomorrow. Today I just walked a shit ton. No time for gymness.

25 03 2008

You make me want to stop having a trainer and become a trainer. 🙂 If only I could remember exercises… Maybe I should stop drinking so much and killing off my brain cells. But what fun would that be??

The only other fitness blog that I know of it the one on

25 03 2008

Love the pics! This is my first time posting, but I am pretty sure you can relate. I also have and do struggle with an eating disorder (it is something you always have to work at as you know) I have lost too much weight currently (and I am happy to say I can recognize this) I want to gain some back and would like your advice on the type of exercises I should be doing. I am only trying to do 20 min of cardio 3-4 times a week and focus on weights. most of the time

I am assuming you had to gain weight at one point as well. I know what I have to do but how did YOU go about doing this? Also, how did you find it came back on? I would like to build more muscle than fat (don’t we all), what is the best exercise routine to still gain weight, but build muscle at the same time?

25 03 2008

Kiala- they are only effective if you wear the scarf

Chandra- You should! its so rewarding and the only job I have ever had that i enjoyed going to everyday!

Liz-Good job realizing that you need to gain weight. I know what a huge deal that is, so good job.
The cardio plan is perfect, you will reap all the cardio benefits without having to worry about losing weight. You really need to up the calories to gain the weight. Unfortunately, strength training can only really add about 2-4 pounds of lean muscle mass to your body. Which is great, and i encourage whole body strength training, but that alone wont help you gain. I recommend talking to a doctor about as specific plan. Since you had an eating disorder your health and body are probably weaker, and i dont feel comfortable recommending anything.
The weird thing (well I guess the good thing) is I didn;t see the weight come back, because I could see myself for who I was then. You know looking at your body with an ED distorts your image, so when I gained weight, i also started to be able to see myself for how i actually looked, which at first was under weight and then healthy. The only time I knew for sure though was when i grew out of my ED clothes. Before it happened I thought it would be the scariest day of my life, but when it happened i just thought, meh, time for new clothes.

25 03 2008

i want a exercise ball. too bad it would take up 3/4s of my apartment. boo.

i like your exercise magazine-esque pics. so cute!!! but sooo helpful!

25 03 2008

may I toss my hat in the fitnessblogger ring?

I also do workout videos (SHORT. BASICS) uploaded.

once a trainer

now a fitness writer


25 03 2008

These are great!!!!! I always need new lifting ideas. Love that you got the boy involved too – how long did he have to hold that push-up!?

25 03 2008

About 3 second until he was gasping and sputtering for air. im just kidding, i give him a lot of crap but he works very hard at his job and is on his feet all day. I actually gave him a cheapo pedometer and he gets about as any steps just through work as i do with effort throughout my whole day.

These seem to have gotten a lot of positive feedback, I’ll keep them coming!

25 03 2008

Question about PT Certification. There seem to be a bunch of different orgs out there where you can get certified (ACE, AFPA, etc) – are there some that are better than others or more accepted by gyms/studios? Is ACE certification the way to go most likely IF I were to pursue a training certification?

25 03 2008

i second chandra’s question! IF i were to pursue a training certification (which i really want to do!!), which do you suggest?

also, thanks for posting all of the different exercises! they’re a huge help when i get caught in the strength training rut!

25 03 2008

I’m going to spend all day memorizing these so I can do them tomorrow morning.

If I don’t blog tomorrow it’s because I hurt myself.

25 03 2008


So i commented a few days ago about running and ALWAYS getting side cramps. Would not chewing gum make a difference? I’ve noticed I chew gum alot…everyday but only one piece a day (I chew 1/2 at a time). I know you swallow air when you chew but I don’t know if this would make much a difference!

thx 🙂

25 03 2008

Chandra and ECS- From my experience, the ones that are mots widely recognized are the ACE and the ACSM. The ACE is more independent which worked great for me because I was wokring full time and could study on my own. This one is harder to stay motivated with, because there is no deadline or classes to go to unless you make a deadline for yourself, or sugn up for the classes (they are spread out over the US so you might not even be able to find one near you.) I do not have the ACSM, so im not sure about the actual process, but i know employers tend to ask for this one most. I believe it is a little bit more medically focused, where the ACE is more weightloss and muscle gain/tpne based. Check out the websites: and and see which one fits for you

Arielle- you wont hurt your self, and if you do HA! i have a disclaimer!
Gald you enjoy them!

26 03 2008

This may be an odd question, but what kind of dog do you have? I see a dog in your pictures, and it kind of looks like mine! :o)

26 03 2008

hes a rat terrier. Hes bigger than the average though, i think they come in 3 sizes and hes the biggest. He’s a large, lol.

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