Hom Bow Spring Gets Its Butt in Gear

28 03 2008

Its snowing. I was wearing shorts last week and now its snowing. In Seattle. It doesnt even snow in winter in Seattle.

Well, its Friday, but I have to work tomorrow so no wild plans. I might get a drink or 2 with the boy before we go our seperate ways: he to clean his house for his move and I to bed so I can get up at 5:30am. i dont mind work so much, so its ok, and its not like i would be doing anything that early in the morning anyway, except sleeping, so I might as well make some money. 
I tried my hand at panko last night and it turned out really well. I had some tofu so I covered it in spicy stir fry sauce, dipped it in the panko and pan fried it in a little bit of olive oil.

I had it with a baked potato with mozzarella cheese and tapatio, and some kale chips with garlic salt. And the ever present D.C. It was suprisingly fast and easy, and really filling too.

As I was looking for recipes to use the panko, i found they have whole wheat panko. I will try and find that next time, but i bet it is really expensive, like all things that are good for you. Especially shoes.
I defrosted some fish so Im going to panko that tonight, too. Panko is now a verb. Just like how “hom bow” is now a phrase. “Hom bow we order a lot of asian beer and harrass the waiter with our clever word plays?” I think with the fish I will dredge it in a little bit of egg and flour, see if i can get a nice thick coating on it. If it turns out ok Ill show you guys.
I would love to run outside today but the weather hates me so it looks like I will be confined to the gym.  Im starting to feel a little sick, too, and don’t want to exacerbate that by sweating in the cold. Working in a gym is worse than working in an elementry school: theres no way around catching what everyone is sweating everywhere. If its nice tomorrow I will go to Alki, the beach by my house, with the dog for a run/walk, its gorgeous down there and packed when its nice, which makes it more interesting.
As I am doing this seminar, it really upsets me how much misinformation is out there. i dont read a lot of hype-oriented fitness articles, but Im sure you guys do. Whats some weird stuff you hear about, that people might fall for. I know the basics: not eating at night, negative calorie foods, etc. What are some you guys have heard of, or maybe some that you arent sure if they are true? Maybe i can put them in my seminar.
Again, just trying to get you to do my work for me.
Success: its what I achieve through all your hard work.




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28 03 2008

Tapatio and I have a serious relationship…

28 03 2008

You can only love it as much as me if you pronounce it “ta-PASH-eeo.” Then i will believe you.

28 03 2008

I would like to buy an exercise ball and was looking online they range in price quite a bit $12-30. Is there something I should be looking for- do I want one with a pump or just the ball? Thanks and good luck with your seminar!

28 03 2008

i thought they all came with pumps. you want one with a pump unless you have one already. I paid 10 bucks for mine and it came with a pump so you shouldnt have to pay $30.

29 03 2008

Kelly, you have surpassed all websites to become my FAVOURITE!!

Thanks for answering my last question btw.

New one: what do you think of the “jumpsnap” http://www.jumpsnap.com? I just read about it, seems as though it’s a good idea for the clumsy and accident-prone, i.e. me…

29 03 2008

adeline- Thanks! and you spelled favourite with “ou” so you are my new FAVOURITE!
At first i didnt realize it didnt have a rope so i was thinking you fell pretty hard for some joke, then i saw it DIDNT have a rope and I started laughing because i thought it was dumb but then looking at it, it seems ok. I mean of course you could do that on your own but it wouldnt count all that other stuff for you. I hop up and down with my pedometer so i guess its the same thing. I didnt check the price so if its expensive i would say its not worth it. But if its pretty cheap it might be fun. id recommend to a client that they use a real jump rope though so they can build coordination and balance at the same time, but to each his own.

29 03 2008

amen on the all things good for you depleting the bank account.

citizens for humanity
twisted heart

all things 🙂


29 03 2008

My best friend back in IL called me a couple months back talking about some diet where you “eat according to your blood type”. She read about this diet that said based on your blood type you can only eat these certain foods to lose weight. I told her it was a crock, but she still called me 2 weeks later to see if I found her any information on it.

I’m sure I can remember some others… I just have to think… which my brain doesn’t like to do on weekends…

29 03 2008

I have whole wheat panko. I got it at Whole Foods. I have no idea how much the Poor have to pay for it but I just threw some money at the cashier and had the bagger carry me out to the car.

29 03 2008

Or what about the infamous grape fruit diet?
My friend called me the other day to tell me her mom lost 10 pounds on it. I was like well your moms an idiot and is gonna be very unhappy once she starts eating again.
She hung up on me

I dont mind doing you the favour of doin yo’ homework

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