I Will Actually Be Spring Cleaning

29 03 2008

Work this morning was actually really fun. I usually dont work saturdays, but offered to to give the guys that do a break, so I worked with clients i usually dont work with. I tend to have a lot of older women on my regular shift with a lot of injuries and a lower experience level. Saturday mornings are for heavy hitters and it was a blast. i love my regular clients but I love to also just kick people’s asses and have them love it. It gives me more to do, too. My favorite exercises to do with more advanced clients is I stand up on a block in front of them with a medince ball up over my head. I  have them do squats and tap the bench with their butt then jump up in the air and push the medicine ball as hard as they can. They are always tenative at first but if you keep yelling at them they get mad and really try and shove you off. And then you laugh when they cant. If i did that with my regular clients they would start crying and we would have to have a heart to heart and discuss self esteem and feelings.  
Last night the boy and I went to Talarico’s, famous for their 14″ slices of pizza. Or you can get a whole pizza, 28″ for around 30 bucks. Its ridiculously huge. The boy got a pint of PBR and a giant slice of pizza. I got an Ami’s Fresca (vodka, lemon, lime, grapefruit juice and 7-up) and an arugala and roasted eggplant salad with leeks and basalmic dressing. You can tell who’s the classy one. it was just ok. The drink was good though. it tasted just like a friend of mine’s own creation, Drunk in a Cup, but cost about 8 times more. Last summer a bunch of us went to her cabin for the weekend and we lived off drunk in a cup, doritos, and hot links. That was Friday. Saturday, none of us could move. Good Times.
Today is the big cleaning party to help Jerome and his roomates get the place ready to give back to the landlord. It’ll be the 3 boys and me and a girlfriend, who is dating one of the roomates. That sounds like a episode of Degrassi. (They are making a movie! Any one know what i am talking about….?) Anywhoo, our master plan is to get really drunk and then do such a terrible job that they yell at us and tell us to stop trying and they will just do it all themselves. That was how i got out of doing the dishes for my first 16 years of life. i have a feeling that will be a good workout in and of itself, but i will fit in a run later on today also. and stretching. I am so tight, no matter how much I stretch.  I know im losing flexibility because Im not doing gymnastics anymore, but Im not used to it. Its frustrating.
My dog hates me.

I didn’t know dogs could make facial expressions, let alone one’s of disgust.

I caught him secretly working out when I wasn’t supposed to be home. He’s planning his revolt.




12 responses

29 03 2008

Oh great idea for Plyos! Love it! And cute cute dog! I try to get my dogs to do their strength training but all they every want to do is cardio.

29 03 2008

Your dog is adorable! Sometimes my cat tries to join in when I’ve got my yoga mat out. It certainly works my abs a lot more when there’s a cat walking across my stomach…

30 03 2008

Good for you, Mr. Porkchop! Please teach my Henry how to work out. He is getting a bit squishy around the middle! Maybe it’s all the extra calories he’s consuming in the form of bugs he picks up on the sidewalk… I try to tell him not to do this, but he says they taste “just like candy”.

30 03 2008

I asked prokchop what he thought of this bug business and he replied that he does not care for the taste so he just tortures them and then squishes them for mommy to clean up.

30 03 2008

Oh wow, I would love for you to kick my butt like that! I love the feeling of completing an intense workout.

30 03 2008

our dogs are odd lol

30 03 2008

Porkchop looks like a rat terrier….am I correct? I have a rat terrier mix…maybe mixed with jack russell or moutain fiest…..she’s white and reddish brown with green eyes…and she has eyebrows!!! so yeah…I see her different expressions all the time!!! your Porkchop is a cutie!!!!

30 03 2008

alas I TOTALLY know what you’re Degrass-ing about 🙂 and there IS a movie on the way!


30 03 2008

Degrassi movie! Where did you hear about this? I am in love with that show and their stereotypical, overdramatic teenage lives.

30 03 2008

I LOVE DEGRASSI. The original one. Back in the eighties.

Except fot tha Spike. I was so annoyed that she was pregnant in a Papa Don’t Preach I’m Keepin’ My Baby way.

30 03 2008

They are making a movie and putting it on Noggin. That channel. I dont have cable so I will probably have to go visit a friend on that day and then not let them talk to entire time it is on and they will have to provide me with snacks.

I watch the one with the school shootings, teenage pregnancies, daily overdoses, lesbian experimentation, bipolar disorders and anorexia. That probably doesnt narrow it down.

I was super excited when i just turned my tv on Fox and it was on at 4:00pm. Im not used to being able to watch shows I actually want to watch.

30 03 2008

The picture of your dog working out cracked me up!! Love it.

That squat/medicine ball move sounds exactly like something I would hate doing but love once I was done. 🙂

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