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31 03 2008

I am so exhausted. I cleaned house for about 3 hours straight and now am home to clean my own house. i got a free futon and tv stand out of the deal so I cant complain too loudly. Although, I am very good at it.

 I didnt get a formal workout in, but mopping, sweeping, washing windows and hauling trash and furniture definately will get the heart rate up and burn some cals.

 I have dishes soaking so I am checking in real fast. I will do a proper post tomorrow after work, I promise.

 So honestly, what do you guys want to see? I mean, I have no problem just posting my every day routine, but I find its already getting repetitive. I would really like to use this to share my knowledge with you guys, thats why I started it, but the only way that is fun, is if its things you want to know about. I have yet to find another blog just about fitness, so i would like to use this to its fullest potential.So lay it on me. Any suggestions are welcome.




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31 03 2008

Ooh, I have a question.

Okay, so, my body is broken right now and I can’t do any exercise above the level of moderate walking. I’m generally an avid and fairly intense exerciser, and I rely on it to keep me nice and centered. So, I’m kind of concerned that I’m going to totally lose my shit before they figure out what’s going on with me. I’m usually a jog and elliptical machine person but those are both strictly verboten for the next two weeks. Any suggestions for things I can do in the interim that won’t raise my heart rate a ton but could still make me feel a little less like I want to punch someone in the face?

I know you’re not a doctor, so I understand if you don’t feel comfortable answering this one. Thanks!

31 03 2008

I could maybe give you so ideas but I dont really know whats wrong….is it your heart? Thats why you cant get your heart rate up? Didnt your doctor give you any ideas?

I know how that feels though, if I go a day or two without working out that wasnt my decision I get a little testy. Its to the point where people close to me can notice and tewll me to take a lap.

31 03 2008

Yeah, I just realized that I brilliantly didn’t say what the general problem was. So I came back to re-comment and you had already answered me. Like MAGIC!

I had an EKG and a chest x-ray and those were fine, so no heart problems, I’m just having trouble breathing, and it’s probably asthma. So, when things get more than a little intense and my heart rate bumps up, then it’s like I’m not getting enough air and I get lightheaded.

Yeah, when I first started exercising regularly, I probably would have paid my doctor to tell me to cut back. But I almost had to restrain myself this time. Then I tried to do some kind of lame Kathy Smith cardio dvd at home and I got about five minutes into it and had to quit, so I guess doctors make about 90 times what I make for a reason.

31 03 2008

no suggestions but glad to know Im up and going and so are you 🙂
no one else seems to be awake.

although now Im thinking you are in a different (earlier) timezone.


Carry on (sleeping)


31 03 2008

I think it would be awesome to post some workout routines – circuits with free weigts,, body bands, etc that you might use with clients!!

31 03 2008

ummm ideas? not really but I do have a question!

I know your body needs rest days to rebuild your muscle but when I’m sore from an intense lifting session should I continue to work out the following day? Like I’ll alternate lifting and cardio days but sometimes my legs seem too heavy to run or do cardio. My hubby, an avid lifter, says I should workout when I’m sore b/c it’ll stretch my muscles as long as I give my body rest days that same week. your thoughts?

31 03 2008

Hey Kelly! Just started reading the blog (heard about it from Kath’s blog) and I am loving it! I do have a question. I am only about 10 pounds away from my goal weight and am liking my upper body, but my lower body will NOT lose any weight! I used to be in good proportion, but then I gained about 40 pounds in college. I lost it then gained back about 20, and am now down to only having 10 more to lose. Through this time, it seems like my butt/thigh/hip area just keeps gaining the weight and not the rest of me. My question is two-fold…..a) what are the best exercises for me to be doing? I’m so worried about bulking up…. and b) do you think it is possible to lose weight in these areas and tone it up? Or is a lot of it hereditary and just won’t leave???? Thanks!!!

31 03 2008

Here is a question…how many days a week do you need to strength training? I usually get in 2 days for upper and 2 days for lower.

Here is a thought for your blog…So that you don’t run out of ideas so quickly, why don’t you just post one different type of excericse a day. Just a thought.

But love the blog!

31 03 2008

You know what would be awesome if you were to give a full body routine that we could all do once a week or once every two weeks with pictures. That way we can all do the same thing together and work that body. I am personally a gym girl but i am sure that whatever you show us we can do at the gym as well.

31 03 2008

ok i have one. what is better a sort of hard long 40 minute work out
or a short hard 20 minute work out??

31 03 2008

Love the blog! Here’s an idea for additional posts: going over form and common mistakes people make when doing strength moves. I’ve been strength training for a couple years now, and wonder if I’m getting the most out of the moves I do. I know the typical – “don’t let your knees go past your ankles when doing lunges and squats…” but am curious to know additional tips (what to concentrate on, what to avoid, etc.)
Also, I am currently getting my spine corrected at the chiropractor every other week (too many years looking at a computer and slouching!) I don’t want to irritate and strain my back & neck with the strength moves I do… so could you recommend upper/lower back, shoulders, etc. moves that build muscle nicely, but are a little less likely to put added pressure on my back & neck? I already steer clear of most moves that are “bent-over.”

31 03 2008
Allison I.

You web site is hillarious just the way it is!! What do you think about rest days? I know that when you lift weights, you have to take off to let the muscles repair themselves, but what about cardio? Can you do that 7 days a week. I keep reading different things. Opinon?

31 03 2008

hey kelly! you’ve really inspired me – i’ve been a workout nut for awhile and would like to take the plunge to get PT certified. however, i’m also an engineering grad student, and i love being an engineer! is it possible to be say, a part-time personal trainer and work with clients a few days a week in the evenings or on weekends? do gyms hire trainers to do that ever, or do you need to make a full-time committment?

thanks so much! i loved your lower body workout pics by the way, the one legged lunge was something ihad never thought to do before 🙂

31 03 2008

My lower body is in great shape from running…long, lean muscle. I feel good about my lower body, but my upper body-aka shoulders, triceps..etc. are waaayy to scrawny! They have muscle definition, but they just look like a but of muscle and bone. I want to “bulk” up, but really that just means I need to add some flesh and muscle up there..how do I accomplish this?


31 03 2008

I love seeing pictures of the different strength moves.
Also, I have a question: I generally work out 5x a week. I try to do 3 days a week of cardio (40 minutes each) and then 2 days where I do 20 minutes of cardio (medium intensity) and 25 minutes of strength training.

This has worked for me, and my fitness goals, but I get SUPER bored with cardio really easily. Would it be as effective for me to do both cardio and strength each day (obviously mixing up the muscle groups)?

Thanks, and again..love your blog.

31 03 2008

Mizfit- it seems like I am on an opposite schedule of everyone else. I post after work around 3 and it seems everyone is off of work so they dont have time to poke around sites. Thats what i did at my old desk job, lol.

LisaR- Listen to your body. You should give your muscles a day of rest after weight trainin, but you can still work out back to back, just alternate upper and lower body. If your legs are tired and dont feel as strong, tone it down a bit that day. If you push them when they dont feel up to it, you will develope over-use injuries which are horrible to rehab from. They take forever. When your body is sore, itys because your tiny little muscle fibers have ripped. If you continue to work them before they heal (which takes about a day, which is why thats the recommended wait time) if enough rip in the same area, your muscle will tear. It is also common for your tendon to pull away, which requires surgery. You know good sore and bad sore, if you are super sore, let your body heal. Just take it nice and easy if you feel too tired, and its always ok to take a day off completely, too 😉

Melissa- Of course it is possible! First off- cardio cardio cardio, thats the only way you will burn the fat off. And now it wont just make your upper bopdy skinnier. Your body is smart, it remembers where it stores its left over fat. Im lucky if i remember where I put my keys. it will burn the access fat first. To tone up your legs, lunges squats and jumps are great. Running stairs is a good cardio+strength training plan for your legs and butt: saves time. You have to be realistic though, since your body stgores weight there, thats where it will continue to store it. i am the same way: i know i will never have super skinny model legs, so I focus on keeping them firm and toned so i dont care how “big” they are. Dont worry about buling, you are a woman, you dont have enough testosterone for hypertrophy.

Carrie- I was actually thinking about just doing one exercise at a time, too. Thanks for the suggestion. You want to do strength training at least 2 times a week, with no more than 2 days of rest in between. You are doing enough, so good for you. Each muscle group is getting a workout twice a week.

Daisy- good idea. Im going to do a post soon about how to develope a fitness routine with progressions and everything so maybe after that.

Eliza- it depends on what you mean by better. Just in general, I would say the more intense, the better health benefits.

K- good idea, too! I can do a lot on that because all I do all day long is “core tight, weight on your heels, chin to the ceiling, blah blah blah.” I have some exercises for you but I need to know what equiptment you have. Do you go to the gym? That would make it a lot easier. If you only work out at home, however, if you do all your exercises for your arms laying on your bell yover a stability ball, theres not pressure on your back.

Allison I- You can do acrdio as much as you want. Just make sure if you start to feel weaker or feel any pain, take a day off. With weight training you do need to take atleast one day off to let your muscles heal. Thanks for reading!

grace- for sure. I work with a man that is a trainer, college track coach and a writer. I however work full time, but a lot of gyms (like ours right now) really need someone that can fill in here and there to cover extra sessions. Its hard to plan but if you let them gym know your available block of time, they can only schedul;e you then. Or you can work for yourself and just pick up a few clients here and there. But good for you! Being a trainer is great.

HK- well you are halfway there because you dont have any weight to lose, so just start lifting those weights. makes ure you hit all of them muscle groups: biceps, tricep, chest, back, pecs and lats.

Allison- You sound like me. I get bored easily, too, which is why i wear a pedometer. i can do cardio for about 20-30 minutes before I lose interest so I just keep the pedometer on to make up the difference. I do stregnth training every day also, switching from upper body, core, and lower body which helps for keeping bored as well. Make sure you get it in somehow, but more importantly, make sure you enjoy it.

1 04 2008

wow! you’re awesome and so diligent with answering all our questions!

1 04 2008

Thanks for the reply! I do strength training at home. Thankfully, I have a Powerblock set (I believe that is the name) of adjustable weights. They start at 3 lbs. and go to 21 lbs. in 3 lbs. increments. I also have resistance bands and a stability ball. I know of a few exercises for upper body/back that can be done on a stability ball. Any other suggestions?

1 04 2008
GroupEX instructor

K- Ask your doctor what he thinks about pilates or yoga DVDs for you to try at home. It will strengthen your back, but also help the muscles along your spine build up and improve your posture, which has gone down the tubes due to lots of slouching. Just a suggestion!

2 04 2008

I think it would be cool if you focused on one body part per day. Not just arms, or legs, but more specific. I get tired of doing the same workouts working the same parts of my body, i love that feeling when you do a new move, and the next day you feel sore in parts of your body you didn’t even know you had.

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