Would you rather get stung by a bee the size of your head, or have your head be the size of a bee?

2 04 2008

In case you needed any more proof that trainers aren’t perfect, I was so busy yesterday, I went to the gym and forgot to eat before. About half way through I felt like I got punched in the stomach and thought I might vom. I ended up leaving early so i could get some food in me. EAT before you work out. I should have had something in my bag for just such an occassion, but I tend to not ever really be prepared for anything.
I was blog hopping this morning and stumbled upon The Weighting Game which posed the question: “Would you rather be 40 pounds over weight and smart, or skinny and stupid?”
They say there are no stupid questions, but I would like to nominate this one as the exception.
Don’t get me started on the use of the word “skinny.” Does that imply health? or just small? Who says thats better?
I mainly take exception with the fact that it makes being overweight sound like something that just happens to you. Whoops, Im over weight. Whoops, Im blind. Not the same thing. 
While it may seem that you just woke up overweight, you know that it is under your control. You know if you move more and eat less you will lose weight. Everyone knows that. Shouldn’t we be past this, and spending our time discussing how to get people moving and healthier?
And who says that being overweight is such a horrible thing, especially of the same caliber as being stupid? You can be over weight and healthy; most likely healthier than a “skinny” person. Skinny is not better than overweight, why can’t anyone ever be in the happy middle? The healthy middle?
Thankfully, the poll shows, when I last checked, that 70% would prefer to be overweight and smart. In a world where everything must be SO extreme, I guess thats a good sign.
I would also like to point out that the blogger thought it was a no brainer as well.
I, however, rufe to choose either one. I would prefer to be of moderate intellegence and healthy. Atleast that way I could learn and better myself. 
Oops, I forgot the intellengence part wasn’t the issue. Its how I look.
Whoever thought of this question must be very, very skinny.




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3 04 2008

My Italian great-grandma was very overweight, yet she was one of the HAPPIEST people I ever knew. Oh yeah, and she just so happened to live to be 104! People come in all shapes and sizes ;o).

-CCV (much shorter nickname for ya, hehe)

3 04 2008

rofl..”must be very very skinny”
truly, if people stopped in so much effort into bieng “skinny” versus bieng fi and healthy, and directed them towards the outside world, we’d definately have less problems!

3 04 2008

Whoops, I pushed Janice Dickinson off a cliff.


3 04 2008

I love L and her blog.

she can stir some sh** UP with her posts, huh?


3 04 2008

It’s a silly question, to be sure. The sad thing, though, is that many people would sacrifice a great deal of things just to be “skinny.” That meaning the Hollywood size 0 vision of skinny, and not healthy and fit. In my experience visiting Leslie’s site and other health and fitness sites, the readers and writers are informed, intelligent people who know that skinny doesn’t necessarily equate healthy and that overweight doesn’t mean unhealthy. So for us, the question is a no brainer.

Still, I’ve read several similar studies were people were asked if they would sacrifice up to 10 years off their life, give up a limb, be blind, and other really awful situations just to be thin. In some studies, a horrifying number of people would willingly make those sacrifices to fit into society’s standards of beauty. Not a single mention of health.

Anyway, I tend to think society as a whole needs to shift the focus from being thin to being healthy and fit. And I’ll stop now before I write a whole novel!

3 04 2008
Kelly T.

Whats weird to me is that if they would go to such extremes like losing a limb or being blind, why wont they go for a run? go to the gym? because its too much work. For those that would be willing to give up these things to be thin, they are just lazy. Plain and simple.

3 04 2008

I like you.

3 04 2008

I agree that being “skinny” does not equate to being healthy. I was about fifteen pounds thinner than I am now (I’m about 125 5’9 now) back in High School and I was definitley not healthy, I ate healthy food (not enough) and I actually recall someone asking me if I jogged and me saying “Oh no, I’m bad at jogging” How can you be bad at jogging? I run 4 miles or do the elliptical most days now, can run six no problem, eat much more and I wouldn’t trade the power I feel knowing my body is fit enough to do this for losing fifteen pounds for the world. I’d rather be healthy and smart, being healthy is being smart.

As for people being overweight, I find it funny how many excuses people make for this, claiming that if they breathe they gain weight, that they almost never eat anything, and they don’t have time to work out. I have a ft job, school, a social life, a boyfriend, anything worth having you need to work for. And yes, they did put something in their mouths to gain that weight and they are eating, last I checked, air doesn’t have calories.

Oh and Kelly, I freakin love you and your blog. You’re awesome and hilarious. Just thought I’d put that out there : )

3 04 2008
Kelly T.

arielle- i like your guts. thats the best compliment i have ever recieved so i thought i would send it your way. i like your guts.

angelcubbie- i love that line. being healthy is being smart.
i dont want to sound insensitive, but most people that are overweight, if you gain their trust and dont come off sounding offensive, will tell you they know why they are overweight, they just dont have the tools to lose it on their own. which is fine. you cant know something you have never been taught. but the people that do not take any ownership are the ones that get me. its ok to have faults, and it is ok to ask for help.

and i like your guts as well.

3 04 2008

I could totally take a bee the size of my head.

also, be healthy and all that.

3 04 2008

“Whats weird to me is that if they would go to such extremes like losing a limb or being blind, why wont they go for a run? go to the gym? because its too much work. For those that would be willing to give up these things to be thin, they are just lazy. Plain and simple.” <– I could not have read this at a better time!! I don’t want to go into a big long, boring to everyone explaination because I’m pissed right now for taking “the easy way out” instead of not being LAZY anymore, but I will say reading this brought my sunshine back out today. 🙂

3 04 2008

Question: How should we use the Elliptical Trainer?

OK, reason I ask is that it seems to be getting some bad press and the treadmill is being touted as the workout machine that will get you into shape. I hope that’s not true because I think the Elliptical is fun 🙂
I do see people hop on and just go without any resistance so that can’t be good right? I don’t use the programs because they don’t change the resistance, should I? I try to change it up, increase & decrease the incline, and work with the resistance.. start at 3, go to 10 then go to 5 sort of thing. Can you recommend a good Elliptical workout for us Elliptical junkies?

3 04 2008
Kelly T.

Thats a great idea, i will do that for my post tomorrow!

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