Accidentally Delicious

3 04 2008

All of my favorite recipes are either things I adapted out of laziness or lack of ingredients, or have been mistakes I have made on other recipes. This one is one I did on accident.
I sauteed some kale in olive oil and garlic one night, and sprinkled it with some cheese. I stuck it in a casserole dish to brown the cheese a bit under the broiler and wait for everything else I was cooking to finish up. I’m awful at getting everything to finish cooking at the same time, so something always suffers.
I forgot about the kale, and when I pulled it out it was completely crispy. I decided to just eat it anyway because it didn’t actually burn and turns out it was delicious. It tasted just like potato chips.
I had a bunch of kale last night so I decided to make some for the boy and I to munch on. We both wanted something sweet, so I put a little bit of Johnny’s seasoning (great on everything) and drizzled the kale with some honey.

I threw it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes until it was all crispy, no signs of moisture. They turned out really good, except the honey made the kale stick to the baking sheet a little bit more, which just meant a little more effort to peel them off.


Great way to get your greens.
I went for a run yesterday and got lost again.   As you get closer to the water in my neighborhood, a lot of the streets start to wind and dont always go through. Its good for me, because then I get some extra running in against my will, but sucks when it makes you miss Degrassi. Paige got raped, and I missed the beginning, so I dont know who did it. I blame Spinner.
Lower body day today at the gym, with a little treadmill running. Its a light day cause I gotta get rolling on this seminar. I have to get the power point done by the end of the week. Which is tomorrow. I will be in front of the computer for a long while.




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3 04 2008

Thank god, another person who is shamelessly addicted to Degrassi!

3 04 2008

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost running. One time I went out to do 4.5 miles and ended back home after 8. At least my long run was out of the way that week.

3 04 2008
Kelly T.

wow, 8 miles. I think I would have called someone to come pick me up by then.

4 04 2008
Becca A

What is it about Degrassi that is so addicting? I have seriously found myself watching it for entire weekends when they do marathons…Its so wrong that its right…
I do have a question though too…I started going to the gym in December and have now made it up to running on the treadmill, anyway, when it gets warm out I’d like to start running outside…any tips on how to make the transition? I usually run on a 1-2 incline for the most part…

4 04 2008
Kelly T.

I think its because they are real kids playing their real age. And they are really bad actors, but they deal with really juicy issues that wrap up at the end of each episode and pretty much arent ever mentioned again.

The only tips i have about making a transition is you will probably find you arent able to run as far, or you might get more winded than you are used to. Since the ground isnt moving in the opposite direction of your feet it takes a bit more effort to propel yourself forward. dont get discouraged. and if you run on a hillier terain, you will also get more winded but is great for sculpting you legs.

Good Luck!

4 04 2008

I’ve been hanging out a while reading your website. Love all your ideas, plus you’re pretty entertaining all by yourself :).
I have a question about fueling my workouts. I’m 5’1” and 100 lbs. When I’m not working out, I have no problem eating a normal amt. of food–1400 to 1500 calories. But most days I have tennis practice for about two hours, plus I often work out (run 3-4 miles or elliptical trainer about 40 min) too. (I’m on a pretty intense college tennis team.)
I’d think I’d need to eat at least 2000 calories on these days. But when I try to eat this much, I get super full! Should I be eating more nutrient-dense foods to keep my energy up? Or is my body telling me I don’t need that much more food? Thanks.

4 04 2008

Kelly! I wonder what you’ve got to say about recovery/rest days. I have no problem letting muscle groups rest from lifting/resistance training…but I can honestly only remember two days that I have taken off of cardio since January…one of them being January first. For some reason I just can’t seem to let myself relax about getting cardio in…any suggestions? (intense cardio, mind you)

4 04 2008

you kicked my cheftime ass.

for some reason Im NOT about the pictures (well I know why but it involves resizing and my dislike of wordpress….but I digress :))

happy friday

4 04 2008

I have never heard of Degrassi. Also, I can never get things to be done at the same time, either. Something is always cold.

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