….And We’re Back!

11 04 2008

Yay! The blog is back. Sorry for the hiatus, but I am back now, so spread the word.
I promised an elliptical workout last time, so here it is, about a week late.
 Question: How should we use the Elliptical Trainer?
OK, reason I ask is that it seems to be getting some bad press and the treadmill is being touted as the workout machine that will get you into shape. I hope that’s not true because I think the Elliptical is fun )
I do see people hop on and just go without any resistance so that can’t be good right? I don’t use the programs because they don’t change the resistance, should I? I try to change it up, increase & decrease the incline, and work with the resistance.. start at 3, go to 10 then go to 5 sort of thing. Can you recommend a good Elliptical workout for us Elliptical junkies?

While, I can not in good conscience reccommend a workout to someone I have not evaluated myself, I can tell you that an elliptical routine is a great way to increase results, instead of just jumping on it and going, and keep your workout interesting.
After this question posted, I went to the gym for some experimenting. After a few different positions, levels and a lot of sweating, I developed a routine for myself, that you can tweak for your needs.
I think its pretty much common knowledge that ellipticalling forward works the front of your legs, namely quads, and going backwards works the back of the legs, namely hamstrings.
I’m not going to get too much into the levels and RPMs I went cause that wasnt my main concern and its going to be different based on everyone’s fitness level. I was more focused on form and ways you can change that around.
So here’s what I did for a good 30 minute cardio session on the elliptical:

  • 2 minute warm up, just general elliptical, forward, hands on elliptical arms
  • 2.5 minutes, still going forward, a bit faster, concentrate on your right arm pushing the ET’s arm
  • 2.5 minutes, same pace, concentrate on left arm
  • 5 minutes, knees bent more than usual weight on your heels
  • 3 minutes, still forward, on your toes (if they get tingly, you can skip this. Sometimes mine do, and sometimes they don’t.)
  • 5 minutes, switch to reverse, hold on to middle handles, weight on heels
  • 5 minutes, switch back to normal forward motion, weight on heels
  • 2.5 minutes, hard intensity, hands on ET’s moving arms
  • 2.5 minutes cool down, half pace

There are all kinds of variations you can do, whatever feels right for you. It is important to switch up your cardio so you dont fall into a plateau, and this is a perfect way to do that. A lot of people tell me they just LOVE the elliptical, treadmill, etc, and don’t want to have to switch to keep the body on its toes. This is a great way to make it so you dont have to.
I have a meeting with my broker after work and then have to crank out this seminar. I worked out at work today between sessions because I wont have time this evening and then will make sure to fit in a short run.
I’m so glad to be back, hope you guys stuck around. I have a short attention span so I would have forgotten about this thing by now if it weren’t mine.




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