About the Trainer

I am Kelly T. and I live in Seattle, WA. My exposure to fitness happened young when I started competitive gymnastics at around 8 years old. At about 15, I developed an eating disorder that robbed me of much of my adolesence.  With a lot of counselling, support and a pretty good attitude, I beat it, and have devoted my life to helping people get or stay healthy.  I studied for my certification in my off time while working a mind-numbing investment gig, tooki my test, passed, and landed my dream job.  I feel what I went through was necessary to ultimately be happy, but want to keep others from enduring the same experience.  A lot of people feel that eating disorder patients and the overweight or obese are polar opposites, but they are very much the same: They both have issues with food, they lack self control, aspects of self esteem, and are compromising their health.  Everyone needs to make a decision to treat thier bodies, and thier minds, with respect. You are the only you you have, so take control. You deserve it.


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15 03 2008

Hi Kelly!!
I usually post as NC on KERF. Your blog looks great– I think the title is hilarious. 😀
Thanks for sharing about your experiences and recovery… it is inspirational, and I admire your mission. One of my primary (future!) research interests is in the use of a resistance training program during recovery from an ED, AN in particular.
I just started doing club gymnastics in college (always wanted to do it as a kid!!) and I have to admit that I kinda suck… but I LOVE it nonetheless! It has definitely helped me develop a healthier attitude towards exercise and eating because I am constantly amazed by what my body can DO!! My primary goal now is to get physically and mentally STRONGER, not just skinnier!; and because I have become increasingly aware of the need to fuel my body with real food to be able to power through those workouts.
Anyway, I look forward to the posts to come! 🙂

27 03 2008
Mrs. Ryan Johnson

Hi! I was wondering how do I know if I’ve done too much lower body exercise and that i should take a day off? For instance Monday i took a lower body conditioning class (which i take EVERY Monday but this Monday was Particularly challenging) that was pretty intense and then Tuesday i did cardio circuits class which was a lot of leg work and yesterday i was STILL sore and did spin. I do feel alittle less sore today but I’m not sure if I’m overdoing it or not. I’m not in pain just very sore. I’ve been told that its build up of lactic acid and that I should do cardio and stretch to get rid of it but I’m not sure if thats good advice. Can you give me any good advice to know when I should keep going or take a day off?? Thanks much!!

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