Discuss Amongst Yourselves

31 03 2008

I am so exhausted. I cleaned house for about 3 hours straight and now am home to clean my own house. i got a free futon and tv stand out of the deal so I cant complain too loudly. Although, I am very good at it.

 I didnt get a formal workout in, but mopping, sweeping, washing windows and hauling trash and furniture definately will get the heart rate up and burn some cals.

 I have dishes soaking so I am checking in real fast. I will do a proper post tomorrow after work, I promise.

 So honestly, what do you guys want to see? I mean, I have no problem just posting my every day routine, but I find its already getting repetitive. I would really like to use this to share my knowledge with you guys, thats why I started it, but the only way that is fun, is if its things you want to know about. I have yet to find another blog just about fitness, so i would like to use this to its fullest potential.So lay it on me. Any suggestions are welcome.


I Will Actually Be Spring Cleaning

29 03 2008

Work this morning was actually really fun. I usually dont work saturdays, but offered to to give the guys that do a break, so I worked with clients i usually dont work with. I tend to have a lot of older women on my regular shift with a lot of injuries and a lower experience level. Saturday mornings are for heavy hitters and it was a blast. i love my regular clients but I love to also just kick people’s asses and have them love it. It gives me more to do, too. My favorite exercises to do with more advanced clients is I stand up on a block in front of them with a medince ball up over my head. I  have them do squats and tap the bench with their butt then jump up in the air and push the medicine ball as hard as they can. They are always tenative at first but if you keep yelling at them they get mad and really try and shove you off. And then you laugh when they cant. If i did that with my regular clients they would start crying and we would have to have a heart to heart and discuss self esteem and feelings.  
Last night the boy and I went to Talarico’s, famous for their 14″ slices of pizza. Or you can get a whole pizza, 28″ for around 30 bucks. Its ridiculously huge. The boy got a pint of PBR and a giant slice of pizza. I got an Ami’s Fresca (vodka, lemon, lime, grapefruit juice and 7-up) and an arugala and roasted eggplant salad with leeks and basalmic dressing. You can tell who’s the classy one. it was just ok. The drink was good though. it tasted just like a friend of mine’s own creation, Drunk in a Cup, but cost about 8 times more. Last summer a bunch of us went to her cabin for the weekend and we lived off drunk in a cup, doritos, and hot links. That was Friday. Saturday, none of us could move. Good Times.
Today is the big cleaning party to help Jerome and his roomates get the place ready to give back to the landlord. It’ll be the 3 boys and me and a girlfriend, who is dating one of the roomates. That sounds like a episode of Degrassi. (They are making a movie! Any one know what i am talking about….?) Anywhoo, our master plan is to get really drunk and then do such a terrible job that they yell at us and tell us to stop trying and they will just do it all themselves. That was how i got out of doing the dishes for my first 16 years of life. i have a feeling that will be a good workout in and of itself, but i will fit in a run later on today also. and stretching. I am so tight, no matter how much I stretch.  I know im losing flexibility because Im not doing gymnastics anymore, but Im not used to it. Its frustrating.
My dog hates me.

I didn’t know dogs could make facial expressions, let alone one’s of disgust.

I caught him secretly working out when I wasn’t supposed to be home. He’s planning his revolt.

Committed to my job, but soon the nut house

27 03 2008

This nutrition seminar is turning my brain to mush.  Soon you’ll find me in the corner, muttering about percent daily values and eating my own hair.

 So today I decided to go for a run outside which tends to de-stress me more so than and indoor workout.  So I headed to the school across the street.


They have a nice set of staris that I like to run also.


The weather wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t raining. Until it started raining. Because this is springtime in Seattle.

I did a loop of stairs, track, stairs, track over and over and then i did a loop around the block and went home, because if I get sick I very well may die. I haven;t been sick in a long time and I have a feeling it is going to come soon, with a vengence.

There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to my running, as is that case with most of my workouts, so I cant really provide specifics. Today was sort of boring, my apologies. No, wait, I take that back. I’m not sorry. That’s just how some days are, and YOU come here to see what I do, so here there it is.

I will be posting lower body exercises tomorrow. Im only going to do a few but I have a ton, so I will do new ones every so often. I can’t show you all my best at once, can I? What would keep you coming back? My excellent proofreading ability?

You’re Going To Need a Permit

24 03 2008

For your guns. Ha. Sigh.

Is it just me or are there not very many fitness blogs? I can’t really find any, if you know of any, please let me know.
Good news: I found my pedometer in my car this morning. I thought i lost it while I was out on Friday (its hard to keep track of things like that at a bar when your bladder is the size of a raisin.) I had given up hope, but there it was this morning, wedged between the door.
As promised:
(I like to pretend I am English sometimes and spell things with “ou’s” or check like “cheque”)
In true me fashion, some involve other body parts as well. I also post the exercises I do, which tend to be a bit more advanced, but will offer you easier variations.
The pooch is lurking in every picture but I guess it make it more realistic as an at-home workout. i was also freezing whcih explains the scarf.
Stability Ball Dips
Works triceps, shoulders, core
Find a sturdy chair or bench. Position yourself so your hands are on the edge of the chair, and your heels are on the stability ball, toes pointing up. Keep your core tight and lower yourself towards the ground until your elbows form a 90 degree angle, then return to start.


You have to keep your core nice and tight or else the stability ball will roll out from under you. For beginners, you want to take away that instable surface, so put your feet on the floor, knees bent, but make sure your hips stay up so your body is nice and flat. For the intermediate, place your feet on another chair, legs straight.
Tricep Kickback Twists
Works triceps
* I’m using tiny 3 pound dumbbells, but I usually do these with about 8-10 lbs
Most of you probably know tricep kickbacks, but these add a little extra. Stand leaning on a sturdy surface, your core pulled in, back nice and flat. Hold a dumbell in one hand, use the other to prop yourself up. Arm should be bent at 90 degrees, elbow tucked in tight by your side.

Extend the arm, so your arm is straight; this is the typical kickback.


While your arm is extended, you want to twist the dumbell so your palm is facing down. (I didnt take a picture of this because it didn’t show up when I twisted anyway) Untwist hand back to neutral, bend arm back to starting. Next time, extend arm, but then twist so palm is facing up. These are all seperate moves so dont run them together. Extend, twist palm down, twist back to neutral, bend arm, extend, twist palm up, untwist, bend arm to starting. This is one rep. Do 10 in each side.
Prone Stability Ball Front and Lateral Raise
Works shoulders, anterior deltoids (the front part of your shoulder)
* Ditto on the dumbbells
Lay over a stability ball, feet wide apart for balance, ball on belly. Place dumbbells on floor directly under shoulders. Take your right hand and raise it directly in front of you (front raise) then bring it back to starting. Next, raise the right dumbbell out to the side (lateral raise) then back to start. Repeat with left arm. This is one rep. Do 10.



Try especially hard to not let your hips move around, or your shoulders to torque. You essentially want to be in plank position; completely static with no movement beyond your arm. For more resistance, remove stability ball.
And now featuring The Boy in:
Incline Push Ups
Works chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders
* The only way these are true incline push ups are if your feet are higher than your head. If you place your feet on a stability ball so you are perfectly horizontal, they actually end up being easier than regular pushups.
Place your feet on a chair or bench and get in push up position. Keep your core tight and and dont let your hips sag or bend in either direction, you want a nice straight body. Bend your arms and lower yourself to the ground as far as you can without having to arch your back to make sure your head doesnt hit the ground. Press back up to starting.


And there you have it. i  was going to go to the gym tonight but its so gorgeous outside, I think ill go for a run with the pooch. Maybe I’ll get a tan. Right now Im so pale it will probably just reflect off of my and start a small brush fire.

Isn’t Fertilizer Made of Doo?

23 03 2008

So I know I said I would do something interesting for a workout today, but the thing about me is, sometimes I lie. Ok, i don’t really lie, because when I say something I have every intention of doing but then when it comes time to, I just don’t want to.

Today wasn’t really my fault, however. When you offer to ride with your dad to visit your mother in the hospital, and said dad drives 3 miles an hour while taking the scenic route (I’ve loathed those words since childhood) that 20 minute ride turns into a 3 hour nightmare.  After, that I did my cheapo shopping trip to Big Lots, a.k.a. discount grocery heaven on earth, and by the time I got home, the pooch had been cooped up all day and needed a run. So we just took a liesurely walk in this gorgeous weather and went to the high school near my home. They have a nice fenced in side yard, where I can let Porkchop off the leash without worrying about him running away and humping passersby.

Well, as seems to be the theme for the day, things became more difficult than originally planned. There was a woman already their with her perfectly well behaved dog playing fetch, so I decided to continue my walk with my hellion and would return on the way back, hoping they wouldn’t be there. 

As we walked I passed my dream house.



The pictures don’t really do it justice, its about twice as big as it looks.

I wonder if a single man lives there and has a thing for sarcastic golddiggers with boyfriends. I desperately hope he saw me, too. It would be very American Beauty, me standing there taking pictures of him in his house.  I even brought the most beautiful thing in the world, except it was full of dog shit.

 Anyways, as I was killing time I got completely and utterly lost, which when you are walking is WAY more annoying than when you are driving. Truth be told, I think the key to a good cardio workout is a horrible sense of direction. I do this very often. I  should develope a workout DVD based around that and make millions. So as I tried to get my barings, Porkchop decided to get bubble guts and stop every 5 seconds to go to the bathroom. Nothing would come out so I’d just yank him along.  I had my ipod in, so I didn’t hear the angry footsteps of a homeowner. I got a tap on the shoulder, whirled around and was face to face with a man yelling about respect and personal property and the laws of humantiy. I gathered he thought Porkchop had pooped in his yard and I did not clean it up.  I am very good about picking up his mess if I think people are watching  so I knew he was assuming. I calmly tried to explain to him that Porkchop is sick and while it might have looked like he went on his lawn, I could assure him he did not. He was not convinced and continued to yell, so I opened the bag I had in my hand and invited him to take a whiff to prove I was dilligent about the dog. He declined and turned around and left. Douche.

So we eventually made it back to the school, and the woman was gone.  Excited that we made it to our final destination, I let Porkchop off the leash to run his little heart out. He promptly sat down on my foot and would not move. I put his leash on and ended up just running him around in circles like an idiot. It gave me a little extra cardio but stole a bit of my self respect.

So now I am home and starving. I am off to make dinner now, and get ready for the boy’s show tonight. Truth be told I’d rather just stay home tonight, but the life of a groupie is full of sacrifice.

Because I Do Everything People Tell Me To

22 03 2008

A lot of people have asked me to post my food, and while I won’t do it everyday because I eat boring and this is an exercise blog, I will post it when it is relevant because nutrition is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle.

I think everyone should have a go-to meal. Something thats easy to make and they always have all the ingredients on hand, so they dont have to think too much when things get hectic. Or when you just don’t want to think. You lazies.

So here’s my dish, because I am in a huge rush and could throw this together super fast.


I started some pasta on the stove. In the mean time, I chopped up a bit of white onion, a quarter of an avacado, 1 1/2 roma tomatoes, 2 tbsp extra vrigin olive oil, some red pepper flakes, garlic salt and some basil. 


Then I just drained the pasta, tossed it with the mixture and topped it with some black pepper. I got the idea from an italian restraunt I love, where I used to order the penne insalata. Its served room temp, but unfortunately they stopped serving it so I decided to make it on my own, and added some avacado for fat for satiety. Viola. Its now my favorite and my go to meal.

Here’s my dinner next to my planner full of the crap i need to get done tonight/this weekend:


So tonight I am off to celebrate a friend’s birthday and get some nutrition seminar junk done. I was going to visit my mom in the hospital but they found some woman murdered and stuffed in her trunk in the parking lot. I know. So my mom won’t let me visit her when its dark out. My moms pretty over protective, always shielding me from murderous trunk stuffers. She never lets me do anything fun.

Today is one of those very rare days where I’m not going to have time to fit in a workout. But Im going to try and find something fun to do tomorrow for a workout so you guys don’t get bored with me. We shall see.

20 03 2008

So here’s something sad.  A new client of mine’s husband works at the middle school across the street from my house.  Thats a huge coincidence because i work about 30 minutes away from home. Anyway, he is the orchestra teacher and complains because the students have to choose between PE , art, or music.  Since hes the orchestra teacher, his students obviously all chose music, and he is noticing most of them are overweight.  Early stages of planning here, but maybe I can implement some afterschool fitness program so they can get a little exercise.
That’s sad.  No child should have to choose between the arts and physical education.  I didn’t have a choice, you had to do all three.  They should have to fake “feminine problems” and twisted ankles to get out of running just like I did.
Tonight’s agenda is full of cleaning, visiting the ‘rents, and nutrition seminar preparation.  Thank goodness my last session for the day was at 9:00am. We had a meeting at 12, so that gave me some free time to fit a workout in at work. 
We have a machine called a functional trainer with arms that go anywhere from straight up, to straight down and swing all the way out and in. There are cables attached to the arms and then we have all kinds of handle attachments.  You can basically do anything and work any body part on it. 


My arms were killing me today from the gym last night so i kept it pretty mild.
I did:

  • 2 sets of 10 resisted step ups.  I used a block and placed the FT handles thusly:


              I stacked the weight to 15 on each side, held the handles, stepped up on my right and lifted my left leg behind me to work the glutes. I did 10 on each leg. they weight just added about 30 lbs to my body weight for extra resistance.

  • 2 sets of 10 standing rows; 20 pounds
  • 2 sets of 10 tricep pulldowns; 15 pounds. I put one arm of the FT pointing toward the ceiling, put on a rope attachment so I could hold on with both hands, kept my elbows in at my sides and just pushed the rope down from my chest to my waist and back
  • 2 sets of 10 bicep pull ups; 15 pounds. Same as the triceps but exactly opposite. FT arm is pointing towards ground, pull rope attachment from waist up to chest
  • 2 sets of 10 upside down (black side) bosu squats.  Having the bosu upside down makes it super unstable so it works the core and lateral stability of the legs very well.
  • 2 sets of 10 kettlebell swings. You stand feet shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell in both hands between your legs. bend your legs, swing the kettlebell up above your head, and back down between your legs.  You have to try and slow it down and obsorb the momentun of it. Suprisingly, its more more of a leg workout than arms.

This little guy (compared to a 5lb dumbell) weights 18 pounds. Kettlebells are all about absorbing the kettlebells momentum with your body, so it involves a lot of swinging and then slowing down the kettlebell.  I highly recommend taking a kettlebell class. Hoo, boy, you get a GREAT workout and amazing muscle definition. 

  • 2 sets of plate drags down the hall.  These are great for your core and shoulders.  Put two weight plates (or magazines or dinner plates, etc. The more they weight the more resistance) on the ground.  Place your toes in the center of the plates and get into push up position: core tight, hips down.  Use your arms to “walk” down the hallway, keeping everything tight and being careful not to let your legs swing from side to side, like a seal.  I always threaten to sit on clients if they dont keep their hips down, thats what makes this work.

And thats about it. Im going to try and go for a short run later tonight, but other than that, I am done workout wise. It feels good to get it out of the way. i wish i could work out in the mornings but then I would have to wake up around 2:15, which, um, no.
So I am going to be SWAMPED at work for the next while. In addition to the three part nutrition seminar, I am also going to be the “nutrition consultant” for my work. (What’s funny is I don’t know what to call my work, its not a gym, but its not a studio either. None of us can figure out what to call it) All of the other trainers are men, and arent very nutrition savvy. So it falls on me. We have an online program that no one does so in order to make the clients more accountable we are going to set up nutrition consultations probably every month to get them in and really looking at the decisions they make. We have over 50 clients. I know some of them will tell us to shove it because they just want to get their butts kicked during a workout and don’t care about food, but geeze. I love nutrition and I am excited about doing this, I think it will be really fun and beneficial for them, but it just means lots more work. Fun work, but more work nonetheless.

I tried to size down the pics to make them easier to load last night, but it didn’t quite work, it just made the pictures blurry. Ill keep trying though, I promise.