Would you rather get stung by a bee the size of your head, or have your head be the size of a bee?

2 04 2008

In case you needed any more proof that trainers aren’t perfect, I was so busy yesterday, I went to the gym and forgot to eat before. About half way through I felt like I got punched in the stomach and thought I might vom. I ended up leaving early so i could get some food in me. EAT before you work out. I should have had something in my bag for just such an occassion, but I tend to not ever really be prepared for anything.
I was blog hopping this morning and stumbled upon The Weighting Game which posed the question: “Would you rather be 40 pounds over weight and smart, or skinny and stupid?”
They say there are no stupid questions, but I would like to nominate this one as the exception.
Don’t get me started on the use of the word “skinny.” Does that imply health? or just small? Who says thats better?
I mainly take exception with the fact that it makes being overweight sound like something that just happens to you. Whoops, Im over weight. Whoops, Im blind. Not the same thing. 
While it may seem that you just woke up overweight, you know that it is under your control. You know if you move more and eat less you will lose weight. Everyone knows that. Shouldn’t we be past this, and spending our time discussing how to get people moving and healthier?
And who says that being overweight is such a horrible thing, especially of the same caliber as being stupid? You can be over weight and healthy; most likely healthier than a “skinny” person. Skinny is not better than overweight, why can’t anyone ever be in the happy middle? The healthy middle?
Thankfully, the poll shows, when I last checked, that 70% would prefer to be overweight and smart. In a world where everything must be SO extreme, I guess thats a good sign.
I would also like to point out that the blogger thought it was a no brainer as well.
I, however, rufe to choose either one. I would prefer to be of moderate intellegence and healthy. Atleast that way I could learn and better myself. 
Oops, I forgot the intellengence part wasn’t the issue. Its how I look.
Whoever thought of this question must be very, very skinny.