18 03 2008

I got a great question for marcy so I thought I would make it my post.
 Kelly,What keeps you so motivated to exercise when your bf etc are not into it? I find my days are so filled with other errands, work, etc that exercising just adds on another layer.MarcyI kind of posted this on my old blog but I’ll do it again because I think I have one of the most extreme examples of differing lifestyles.
My boyfriend and I do not live together but all that means is he gets to sleep in my bed and eat all my food for free. We are always together. He is in a rock band, smokes, never works out, and will only eat vegetables is they are deep fried and wrapped in bacon.  He will kill me for posting this, but once we went to the beach and rode bikes. When we got back he promptly threw up, right there in the front yard.  He stays up all night, sleeps all day, and drinks like a divorced Irishman.me-and-buggie.jpg
I, on the other hand, try to go to bed fairly early, wake up early, work out everyday, eat balanced and sensibly, and will only eat bacon if it originally came from a turkey. I learned early on through lots of nagging that I could not train him to be excited about fitness. The only thing I can do is cook for him as often as possible, and invite him to go with me on walks even though the inevitable answer is always “Pfft!” followed by a puff of smoke.
So how do I not fall into his trap? I know that for me, I need to work out and eat healthy because it just all around makes me feel better. If I lay in bed all day I start to resent him for it, which is no fun.  Workouts are my me time, they help me to relax and take time out of the day to take care of myself.  His idea of relaxing  is laying in bed and watching tv, which is fine. So we do our relaxing at the same time, just in different places. And lucky for me, after my long grueling workout, he usually hasn’t moved from his spot on the couch, so then I can snuggle up next to him without having to worry about anything I need to do, because I got it all done. This especially works on the weekend when I can leave while he is still asleep, grocery shop, workout, make a healthy breakfast, whatever, and then come home and not have to worry about anything else. It makes “our time’ that much more special.

I think the reason this works so well is because we respect eachother.  He respects my career and my health, and has seen how far I have come since my eating disorder and has stood by my side through it all. He is glad I am taking care of myself. I respect his choice to live how he wants. I want him to be healthy but I also know that you can’t force someone to be passionate about something.  Almost everyone that is trying to live a healthy lifestyle will get a lot of crap and pressure from friends/family/coworkers who do not share the notion, especially about their food choices.  Don’t let them get you down, you shouldn’t have to apologize or defend your want to take care of yourself, and they should respect your choices.  There is safety in numbers and people feel less guilty for not doing what they need to be doing when someone is right there with them doing the same unhealthy thing.  It doesn’t mean you can’t see them, you just have to make the decision to not let it bother you. Their snide comments are more about them than they are about you.
I work out to stay fit, look good, feel good, relax, fight off disease and aging, improve my health, improve my everyday performance, to gain energy, avoid injuries and illness, and to just plain enjoy myself.  That’s enough motivation for me to keep moving.  You just have to find yours and you’ll make time for your workout.